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Saturday, May 22, 2004

I'm looking into music right now. I've gotten intrigued with the glam-rock orgy that is The Darkness. Funny videos, bad hair and ball-busting falsettos aside, the band's sound is pretty addictive---perfect for the days when one feels good and just wants to mosh along to great riffs.

I might even get the new Hoobastank album too. I doubt it'll be as fun to listen to as The Darkness' "Permission to Land" though.

I'm still a raving, incoherent and helpless dunce when it comes to beautiful women. Sigh. Then again I don't want to be a "lonely driver" forever.

Brought the Pregio to Cool-Mate for an estimate of what repairs the aircon system needs. The thing just doesn't cool the cabin anymore.

Found out that there may well be a refrigerant leak, and it's going to cost at least PhP10,000 to repair. Yikes.

The fact that I'm here writing this post means that I didn't go to Puerto Galera. The winds and rains are just too worrying to go sailing in. It would've been great if I went there too, but personally I was wishing it happened a lot earlier, when sun and heat were still in abundance.

On a side note it looks like we'll be singing in the rain at the HCP EB later.

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