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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Didn't seem to make the cut for an org I was applying for.

From the moment I was interviewed, I sort of knew I was doomed. Even the org's lack of male members didn't work to my advantage.

So why do I feel so down about it?

My TELEPRO news report was a mixed bag.

I finished the 5-minute mark all right, but Dr. Forbes kept nagging me about making the wrong directorial calls (e.g. cutting to camera 1 before cueing my talent).

Still, it was great because most of my crew did their jobs well. Am just glad it's over.

Local band 7 Foot Jr. is my band of the moment. I just love their songs...I'm pretty impressed by what is just their first album, and independently released as well. These guys have guts, it seems.

Reasons to continue blogging

1. According to some friends it makes for good reading.
2. I need an emotional outlet, lest I become bitter.
3. I want to share the things I like with other people (provided this is actually being read by the 100-odd people that come across it every month).
4. It's a way of keeping in touch I suppose...not that it really works as well as I think it would.
5. It's 1/2 of my total space on the Web, the other half being my web project ManileƱo Online.

Reasons not to continue blogging
1. Anything I say can and will be used against me by people who hate me.
2. Am too busy to blog most of the time.
3. I don't know how to manipulate Blogger code to make this thing more unique.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Just when I brought up burning bridges behind me in my last post, my BUSORGA professor admonishes us never to burn them. She says it's good for networking purposes and stuff.

Great. One more reason to remain a doormat.

Just when I felt empowered with her class, this comes along.

Fathers' Day was a feast, literally. I don't know how many pounds I gained from my mom's good lovin' cookin'.

I did make a batch of seasoned and grilled vegetables for use in ciabatta sandwiches though...a miniscule achievement in my quest to learn how to cook. Damn, they're dee-lish.

My favorite vegetable for the moment: zucchini.

Murakami's novel still has a hold on me. On the suggestion of my OB friend Chenks, I plan to buy "Sputnik Sweetheart" next.

Need moolah...must save...

Saturday, June 14, 2003

I've been keeping myself busy...seems like this term's going to see me in workhorse mode again. It's a good bonding experience with my school friends, I guess. It might be hellish to go through grades-wise, but I think this is exactly what I need.

Might as well spend as much time with them as possible...my friends in the other Comm Arts block are due to graduate soon. The mad rush for yearbook entries, photos and write-ups is a sign that I gotta cherish whatever time I have left ith these great, great people.

Been mulling over revamping this blog...unfortunately I don't know how to transfer the Blogger code onto raw HTML.

Funny thing about the books I buy: many of them seem to apply to my present situations when I buy them. Call it a weird quirk of clairvoyance or premonition, I don't care.

I've just bought, read and enjoyed Haruki Murakami's book "South of the Border, West of the Sun." Not long in any sense of the word (finished it in 3 hours) but is it so goddamn correct. Great, great book.

Thanks to this book I realize I can exorcise the ghosts of my past...

Spent the better part of a yesterday with my mom and sister shopping for groceries, watching the launching of Market! Market! and going to the dentist. Not bad. Even saw fellow SX8er Marlowe in Market! Market!---he and his band were going to perform that night. Unfortunately we didn't get to stay that long.

I knew from the outside we were meant for each other
Something was going wrong when you didn't like my mother
I don't want to hate but that's all you've left me with
A bitter aftertaste and a fantasy of how we ought to live

No regrets, they don't work
No regrets now, they only hurt
I know they're still talking, the voices in your head
If I could just stop hating you, I'd feel the same for us instead
Write me a love song, drop me a line
Suppose it's just my point of view, but they tell me I'm doing fine

--- "No Regrets," Robbie Williams

Some bridges are meant to be burned I suppose...unfortunately you had to burn me while doing so.

"Manila is a big city with a small-town mentality." --- PEOPLE magazine

How fucking true.

Friday, June 06, 2003


Anyway, I'm back.

Two months, fifteen pounds and an annoying uncut head of hair later, I'm back to blogging. I didn't seem to miss blogging all that much. Besides I would've bored you out of your lives anyway, the way I live my summer vacations in absolute boredom. Better for my stench to have been kept off the web then.

Not to say that things haven't been happening during my hiatus, oh no. A lot's happened, yeh. Mostly stuff that's happened on the forums I participate in, HCP and OB.

Some of my online friends have chosen to point accusing fingers at me for destroying their little precious friendships that I happened not to agree with. Too bad for you, I could've been your best friend and you threw it all away in support of (a) total nutcase(s).

Angered some forum higher-ups with my unbridled (yes, that meant tactless) disdain for the Chinese dramas invading Manila airwaves---"Meteor Garden" anyone? Pinoys are corny and cheesy enough as they are...why make it worse? Ewww.

Finally tried to confront my newfound weight problem too. I gained 15 lbs. during the summer and I had to find out part of it is because I ate too much fruit yogurt. Talk about having too much of a good thing.

Tried to go play badminton with my dear ol' Tita Vik, who taught me a nifty footwork drill, that unfortunately leaves me out of steam and with aching thighs just after 15 minutes. I found out that climbing stairs two steps at a time gives more or less a similar effect, but without the benefit of going backwards. Else I would've had a neck brace on right now.

Also tried...ehem..."alternative" forms of exercise too. By alternative I meant hitting the local arcades. The game Dance Maniax is a really great aerobics workout when done for half an hour straight, and I can dance to some of the harder "Wild mode" songs now without flunking stages. SM Bicutan's been such a welcome boon; the SM arcades are by far the cheapest places to play DM in. Only PhP10 for a five-chip game, which translates to dancing 5 songs without failing...or about 8 minutes. In comparison Timezone is just evil: PhP22 for a 3-chip game (3 songs, no failure). Sucks.

Plus, I get a lot of attention from dancing to DM...eheheheheh.

School just started last May 26th for us, and I certainly did miss all my blockmates. Got pretty good grades from the last term, and I hope I do well this term too. Been in contact with some of them longer as well. Joey just broke up with her boyfriend after a year and the poor girl's been crying her eyes out all night.

I also spent the summer pondering on some things. Although we're no longer a couple, I still miss Pam a lot, mostly because we used to be such good friends before we were together.

Well that's that. Mom and Dad are thinking of selling the big white Pregio van and getting a Toyota Vios subcompact sedan as replacement...well, that's all good, but I was hoping they'd consider the brand-new GD6 Honda City as well. Seems the high maintenance requirements for my present SX8 City irritated them to some extent...

Ah well. See y'all later.