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Monday, May 24, 2004

First day back in school today.

My biggest concern so far is how to burn four hours in between classes, three times a week. Frankly I think this is ridiculous. However I need COMLAW1 now.

At least I managed to snag a computer terminal at the eternally crowded Library Cybernook.

It feels strange. This term I have absolutely nothing to do with my "home building," St. Miguel Hall. All my classes are in St. La Salle Hall.

I guess it'll take some time before reality sinks in.

For once I was actually laughing to a Formula 1 race. At the Monaco Grand Prix I laughed so heartily when that stinker Michael Schumacher put himself out of the race...and all down to an error of his own making.

He chose the worst possible place to try and warm up his brakes and tires: at the track's tunnel, trailing the safety car. Left front brake disc locked up, blue smoke everywhere, he couldn't control the car, he ultimately got bumped to the barriers by Juan Pablo Montoya's tires...and the rest you can probably watch on the news.

Accidents galore happened at the first few laps too, Takuma Sato's BAR-Honda engine failure sparking a series of wrecks that ultimately left only 8 out of the 20 cars finishing the 77-lap race.

But I am very joyous because Monaco 2004 proved that an all-dominating Michael Schumacher is the last thing F1 needs. Two of F1's greatest young guns, Renault's Jarno Trulli and BAR-Honda's Jenson Button, fought it out hammer and tongs at the sharp end of the twisty street race until the very end, and it was such a sight to behold...a world of difference from the mundaneness of Schumacher leading and winning 5 races in a row.

At the checkered flag, Trulli won his maiden F1 race (no better place to do it than in Monaco!), but Button pressed on to the end, claiming second just 0.4 seconds behind.

Bahrain and Monaco...so far they've been the highlights of the season, for one simple reason: genuine wheel-to-wheel racing excitement.

One more reason to love my new Turanza tires: high speed shaking is now completely GONE.

On the way to school, I attempted to bring the fight to a speeding Corolla Altis on the Skyway two gears down the 'box. As I pulled away seconds later in fourth gear, little did I realize I was going a butter-smooth 145 km/h.

Martin of HCP egged me to push 160 now. Not anytime soon, dude. But if I do, I'd have more confidence.

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