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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Ruth texted me last night asking about my website project's pictures. She was wondering why I had only one page, as she was looking for the other photos. Replied to her with the address of my Yahoo Photos site.

The week is getting increasingly busy.

I have yet to begin looking up materials for my INTRORE proposal, prepare for my RADIPRO live recording session, make a product and PowerPoint presentation for ARTCOMB and construct a consolidating online magazine for PRINPRO.


Happy birthday to my fave aunt Tita Vik! :D

Sunday, March 16, 2003


Took my Tita Vik out last night to the DLSU Pops Orchestra's concert entitled "Pinoy Opus," as a birthday gift of sorts for her. The repertoire consisted of nothing but pure OPM (Original Pilipino Music) songs, and a few asides from Filipino cultural favorites such as local TV show themes and videoke.

As it turns out, she hadn't heard of the Pops Orchestra before. She was actually wondering why I wanted to take her out to watch a concert of Pops Fernandez's, as she swears the woman cannot sing, effectively debunking her "Concert Queen" title. It was up to the Pops Orchestra to prove that she'd have a good time, then.

We definitely did.

The concert was peppered with little video segments the Pops members did themselves. Some of them went with the songs, others spoofed videoke songs' accompanying cheesy videos. Much as they amused the crowd, the biggest draw was the Pops Orchestra itself and its talented, energetic vocalists. Tita Vik and I were all applause, smiles and laughter throughout the whole concert.

According to my parents I now look like a zombie. I have dark saucers for eyes and a neglected face full of blemishes.

It's not like I care too much. I've never been a high-maintenance person.

The sleep part is kinda important though. I distinctly remember, on one of the hotter days this month, a time when I fell asleep while driving the Pregio van on the highway at 80 km/h for about a couple of seconds. When I came to, I felt the wheel pulling to the right. Yikes. Good thing the highway wasn't filled with speeders.

I haven't been immune to crashing into things though. I scraped the Pregio van's right side on a parked AE92 Toyota Corolla's left front bumper while trying to change lanes in a tight gridlock called Zobel Roxas St. at 8:00 am.

Fuck fuckity fuck fuck.

This is what I get from getting too used to the diminutive size and good maneuverability of my standard car, the SX8 Honda City.

My PRINPRO professor had us make our own websites from hard HTML code as a project. Mine's up already. You can visit it here.

Don't expect too much though. I'm prouder of the pictures than I am of the site.

One of my friends from HCP, Mike Avecilla, has just had surgery done on his aching back and he's now recovering. It was all successful.

Take care Kuya Mike!

In contrast to my good standing in HCP, Otakuboard has been pretty volatile these past few days with an issue that just doesn't want to die.

All I can say is, "BURY IT ALREADY!" OB isn't a forum for fighting.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Been a long while.

Actually if there's a party to blame for my not posting in my blog, it's got to be the HCP forums. I had some growing pains getting myself acquainted with the other members but we've been cool since then. I also have to regain my bearings as it's been a while since I logged on to a large-population board like theirs.

It's actually gotten to that point where I find excuses to post at every possible opportunity. Bad, bad, bad. I've even lost my concentration on studies...

My Print Production subject's been going pretty well. I think I submitted a good magazine midterm project for something limited to such stodgy fonts as New Century Schoolbook. I guess my layout artist habits are alive and kicking after all.

Now our new focus is on Web publishing, and consequently making our own webpages. Yikes. I don't know much about code...

Religion 2 had me working in my parish for 10 hours spread over five weeks. I chose to be a bookkeeper's assistant, as I would've been too embarrassed to sing along with the choir or go out in cathechesis sessions.

Sarah (my bookkeeper boss) and Cathy (the parish secretary) were pretty welcoming back there, despite starting off leaving me well alone to what I had to do. Needless to say, by the time I finished my ten hours we were already exchanging phone numbers so we could text each other crazy.

I am concerned at all the thefts happening in the parish office though. Even the priests' wallets and phones aren't spared.