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Monday, May 10, 2004

I thought it's about time I changed the way my blog looked. I love blue, yes, but the old template just reeks of flatness. Besides I'm still not skilled enough to trust myself with HTML code.

My other computer just shuts down whenever I try to go online. Turns out it might have the Sasser virus, so I'm now downloading a patch or two from Microsoft.

Apparently Sasser is so potent, it's managed to interfere with so many vital operations (I'm talking about the UK Coast Guard, banks, and government offices) in Europe, and tech analysts are spooked by this latest security threat.

All I can say is...Microsoft should write this up as another FAILURE.

I got to see "School of Rock" and "Drumline" on Pao's DVDs. The first movie ain't bad at all, but I guess I found it a little too simplistic for my liking. If you've seen the trailers there isn't much more to look forward to. Jack Black is way funny though, and he does show a healthy development of his character.

I can't help but notice that little kid Melinda Cosgrove though. She looks eerily like my ex.

"Drumline" meanwhile is "Bring It On" with a decidedly African-American flavor, and with big-band performances instead of flash cheering routines. The whole film is very slick and oozes high production values---just how can one explain the smoothness of the marching band routines, with all their complicated formations? You just have to give it kudos.

The film is a little generic in terms of its main story (a fish-out-of-water situation with a coming-of-age story) but it's well done and I have no complaints. Great stuff.

As it turns out I am unable to cast my vote. After 4 weeks of searching for my name in the voters' lists, it has never shown up.

Their loss, I guess. I have no fault here.

Thinking about the high school crush I bumped into the past couple of days has got me thinking. How much have I changed?

I used to think of there being no one more beautiful than her, back when my world consisted of high school and nothing else. In hindsight she wasn't as desirable as I once thought she was. She was just someone I didn't know, apart from being ludicrously smart, friendly and cute. Cute, yes, but she was nowhere near being beautiful. I bet if we had ever had a chance to talk any longer than we used to, I would've discovered more things I'd find not as desirable as I once thought.

Now that I've gotten to where I am, I think I've grown up---even just by a little bit.

I think I should give this new template a test spin.

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