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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Chris Longhurst, author of the famous Car Bibles website, had this to say about the design idiosyncrasies of modern cars. So many of the features put into new cars are pointless and actually make us more unsafe drivers.

It's a long read, but petrolheads will appreciate this.

On 'Nanny Cars' and Bad Vehicle Design

Friday, October 28, 2005

PETA had its first-ever Mekong Performing Arts Laboratory showcase program this year, and the culminating event was on tonight at the Theater Center. The participants of the project, coming from the Mekong River sub-region of Indochina (Lao PDR, Yunnan province in China, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia), each had mini-plays and performances dabbling with dance, acting and alternative methods such as puppetry and shadow manipulation.

All 8 or so performances were unique and had their own merits---in short they were all very good! Whether it was the violently dancing Thais, the Lao puppeteers, the kicking, juggling and contorting Cambodians or the unusual acting and storytelling of the Vietnamese, the whole show was a joy to watch for something so minimalist and done at a tight deadline.

Met my new Japanese friend Chisato there once again, after the theater management stint for "Ang Palasyo ni Valentin." She's been here and with PETA for 8 months for theater workshops which according to her are pretty hard to find in her native Shizuoka, and she's taking the plane home on November 8th. She'll drop by the office just before then to say farewell.

I wanted to congratulate the actors (especially the Cambodians and Vietnamese) for a supremely funny and entertaining show, but I was afraid they wouldn't understand English and they might take offense at my good-natured actions. Cocktails were served after the show.

It dawned on me that although we're the most beleaguered group when it comes to finishing our OJT hours, I have no doubt we're having the most fun. We get to laugh, play games, watch theater shows and fool around with our officemates as our job---what's not to like?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I've been feeling rather bummed lately about how OJT and thesis would pan out. The past couple of weeks we didn't seem to be heading anywhere, especially as theater isn't exactly the usual stuff of a marketing paper.

Our spirits have started to perk up though. We've decided to do a marketing research paper on the perceptions of college students regarding plays and theatrical productions. That'll mean delving into the theories, research and other stuff of MARKCU1 (consumer behavior) all over again---and we don't really mind doing that.

Our mentor, Dr. Leonardo Garcia (or Doc Nards as we fondly call him), has been energetic in his support after the admitted waste of two weeks regarding our thesis. I keep wondering where he's been all this time; we've never had him as professor but he seems the most amiable of the entire "feeling cool" bunch. He even had a "strategy" to help us bag the best thesis award this term. Strategy or not, I'm really glad we're having him as our mentor.

The marketing work for PETA has been rather nondescript as of the moment, but we're not complaining. We've gotten along with the rest of the Marketing and Public Relations staff and we're doing our jobs smoothly, despite the occasional bouts of boredom and games of Luxor and Zuma. Time seems to fly by at PETA, although being one of the last groups to start OJT, we've got to hustle to finish our 200 hours.

Right now I just feel happy. It's going to be tough, but my groupmates and I will pull it off.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Good news: My head cold's slowly starting to heal.

More good news: I managed my best fuel economy in years---and all it took was an everyday trip from Bicutan to Cubao. On Petron's Xtra Unleaded fuel, and even with my hard-charging driving style, I capped 11.75 km/L.

It's a huge leap from the 9 km/L I average on the way to school and back home. I credit light weight, constant high speed and long trip distance for my achievement.

Just imagine how many more kilometers I'd have put in the tank if I were easier on the gas.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for...
- U2

After all's said and done, I find myself right back to where I started: empty. Whom have I been fooling all this time? I'm the same forlorn and abandoned soul, still looking for love in all the wrong places.

Yet time waits for no one and I should be moving along too. If only life were more like "Ang Palasyo ni Valentin"...

I'm currently sick with a really bad cold. I feel like I have the flu (i.e. weakened and woozy), but I still move my bowels and I actually have a lower temperature than normal.

Weird. I guess I'm a zombie now? I'm trying to remember if I ate any brains lately.

With the way I drive, I guess it was inevitable that I'd find the limits of my Honda and my driving skill sooner or later.

It started with braking. I was beginning to notice that I took an awfully long time to slow down because I was keeping my foot on the clutch all the time. Kookie Ramirez's advice was timely: use the engine to brake, and don't use that clutch. Simple enough.

Then came yesterday. I was forced to use C5 on the way home. Barreling along at high speed, I came to the bridge area where the asphalt undulated. I felt like rubbing off some speed so I used the brakes. However when the wheels re-contacted the asphalt after a short hop, I found that my steering wheel wasn't pointing straight, and my braking had actually locked up the wheels. Apparently I was still going too fast, as the car understeered and skidded at a narrow angle to the right---still within the left lane, but enough to give me a fright. I let go, pumped the brakes, got back online and got on the gas and I was away scot-free.

The fact that all this happened within a couple of seconds or so was shocking, but it did uncover a benefit to my driving: I had become familiar enough with the car's attitude in extremis to recognize what and when exactly was going wrong. I don't deny that I was very lucky though.

No more high-speed runs at C5 for me, I'll stick to 100 and below. Besides, my suspension isn't exactly up to snuff anymore, and I don't see a repair coming anytime in the future. :(

Still, it'd be nice if there were less idiots on the streets.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Hold onto love
That is what I do, now that I've found you
And from above
Everything's stinking, they're not around you

And in the night, I could be helpless,
I could be lonely, sleeping without you.

And in the day, everything's complex,
There's nothing simple, when I'm not around you.

But I'll miss you when you're gone
That is what I do, hey, baby
And it's going to carry on
That is what I do, hey, baby...

Hold onto my hands,
I feel I'm sinking, sinking without you
And to my mind,
Everything's stinking, stinking without you

And in the night, I could be helpless,
I could be lonely, sleeping without you

And in the day, everything's complex,
There's nothing simple, when I'm not around you

But I'll miss you when you're gone
That is what I do, hey, baby
And it's going to carry on
That is what I do, hey, baby...

- The Cranberries, "When You're Gone"

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I spent 10 hours today in the PETA Theater Center helping out in house management, and we're going to do the exact same thing tomorrow. While it wreaked considerable havoc on my feet (they hurt from all that time standing up), it was also proof that working for PETA was pretty enjoyable.

I'm looking forward to the final two showings of "Ang Palasyo ni Valentin." I've fallen in love with the play even after watching it 4 times.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

"That's not even a real smile. That's just a bunch of teeth messing with my mind."
- Faceman Peck, "The A-Team"

Today and tomorrow are my weekends as per OJT. On Saturday and Sunday we'll have 10 hours each of house management at PETA's Theater Center, on the final two performances of "Ang Palasyo ni Valentin."

Great. After that we'll be starting with marketing "Romulus The Grayt," expected to eat our share of 200 hours' work. I do hope we finish that and our thesis paper in time.

The past few days have been utterly beautiful.

I may not be 100% in love, I may not have a girlfriend, and I might still remain a forlorn romantic soul for the near future. But now I'm reassured that despite my being single, I'm essentially a great guy the girls have just glossed over.

Nice guys may finish last, but when they do it will be all the more fulfilling. Girls just don't have any idea what they're missing.

Thanks, Geraldine.

But I'm in so deep.
You know I'm such a fool for you.
You got me wrapped around your finger, ah, ha, ha.
Do you have to let it linger?
Do you have to, do you have to, do you have to let it linger?

- The Cranberries, "Linger"

"Everyone fears what they don’t understand… for example, I fear the undying idiocy of Gundam SEED DESTINY."

- Ben Davis, "Mecha Musings" on MAHQ.net

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You know, you've got an uncanny knack for disappearing from my life. For a couple months every message I sent you you simply ignored with the utmost convenience. Now you pop out of nowhere. You say you're dealing with your issues and you're farther away from me than ever.

All this time I thought we were supposed to be FRIENDS?! Frankly I do my best to help you and check up on you despite our long-distance arrangement, yet the part that positively ticks me off is how you don't seem to give a damn about the people that care for you! People can only hold out believing for so long.

Friend, my ass. You've been such a major disappointment---friends aren't supposed to go ignoring each other. Let's see how YOU behave when I decide to shut you out of my life for good.

The frustrating part about all this? You still owe me.
"I can't remember this quote exactly, but there is a writing by Jean Cocteau where he says friendship is higher than love. Sometimes it's less glamorous, or less passionate, but it's deeper and kind of wiser, I think. At the heart of my relationship [with my wife] is a great friendship."
- U2's Bono on Marie Claire

If only the world acted like that.

Recently I've stumbled across the huge pile of MP3s I have on my computer that it gained when it saw service in an Internet cafe for a while back, and the Cranberries immediately made their impact on me again after so long an absence. Their songs and lyrics fit my currently melancholy mood in a way Coldplay can't seem to do---the Cranberries have undeniable 1990s classics which reach deep into my soul and memories.

Suddenly something has happened to me
As I was having my cup of tea
Suddenly I was feeling depressed
I was utterly and totally stressed
Do you know you made me cry
Do you know you made me die

And the thing that gets to me
Is you'll never really see
And the thing that freaks me out
Is I'll always be in doubt
It is a lovely thing that we have
It is a lovely thing that we
It is a lovely thing, the animal
The animal instinct

So take my hands and come with me
We will change reality
So take my hands and we will pray
They won't take you away
They will never make me cry, no
They will never make me die

And the thing that gets to me
Is you'll never really see
And the thing that freaks me out
Is I'll always be in doubt

The animal, the animal, the animal instinct in me
It's the animal, the animal, the animal instinct in me
It's the animal, it's the animal, it's the animal instinct in me...

- The Cranberries, "Animal Instinct"

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Today was supposed to be our first proper day of OJT.

I set out at 11am, walking 5 kilometers or so from my home to the Bicutan interchange. Got on the bus to Makati, then got off and took the MRT to Cubao. We had hoped to meet Leia there because she wasn't with us when we met with our mentor, Dr. Leonardo "Nards" Garcia, at CSB's Angelo King building.

Doc Nards was a bit surprised at the work plan PETA gave us. Our friend Miss Gay wanted us to formulate a marketing plan in a week for PETA's upcoming play so we could have hands-on experience as to implementing it, and determining the causes of success or failure. However Doc Nards told us that wasn't what the Marketing department was looking for in our thesis: it had to be an academic paper with a full-on research component, something that can't simply be done in a week. So we had to ask our leader Miss Queng to let us do a marketing plan for a production in the much later future.

Anyhow, when we got to the old PETA office we were briefed by Miss Arlin on the ins and outs of PETA's rather interesting org structure. Then we presented our predicament to Miss Gay and Miss Queng and they were amenable to the changes in plan; we'd still be helping out with the promotion of the November production anyway.

Funny how our meeting ended very early. We were supposed to have stayed on until 5pm, but they let us go by 2:30. Oh well, we'll finish the 200 hours on other days.

I'm kinda excited about thesis, but I'm also rather scared of what we have to do. At least it's going to be interesting.

My other blockmates have been complaining about OJT over on the block e-group. Kate was the first to rant, saying that their work sucked. KD followed suit remarking that it's no fun working for other people---ever the entrepreneur.

It's the same story for my other friends on the topic of work. Jason from MP misses college, as he's working as a bookkeeper for a bank in Baliuag and has a wife and a kid and another on the way. And he's younger than I am.

I suppose I've belabored the point that I've become sick of school and am raring to get to work. I've had my fill of spending too much and not earning enough. However, I didn't expect people to be dissuading me from the inevitable. Sure I'll be making my own dough, but it seems I'll end up as burnt-out from work as I have from school and the thought spooks me.

I sincerely hope I land a job I really, really love. I suppose it's about time I took my dad's advice about working for a car magazine. Where would I start?

Love is a funny thing.

Geraldine summed it up quite well. "Imagine you're a dog, and this really juicy steak is hanging right before your eyes. You're drooling and salivating to get it, naturally.


While I laughed at her joke, I was thinking if that was actually a joke at all.

They say the sign of a successful romance is the presence of tension between the two parties. Not the bawling, heated argument type, but the kind that makes the girl go giddy and the guy mumble in his head "I wonder what I can do for her tonight?"

Whenever I'm in love I get the exact same thing, with a horrible twist. The giddiness and lightness of being is there, but it's not so far removed from the stuff that fuels my insecurities and self-pity.

Love is a funny thing, indeed. HA. HA. HA.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Read this interesting article in an issue of Marie Claire. The gist of it says that a lot of our problems stem from the fact that we're now living our lives too quickly for us to enjoy them. The Internet and the general pace of life have forced us to become multitaskers, mindlessly doing things and finishing them all ASAP and that isn't always good. For example, wolfing your lunch down instead of eating it slowly has always been looked at as a way of getting yourself fat.

On the bundled timeline they had, aptly entitled "A History of Hurrying," there were years where something "instant" was invented, such as the book "The Instant Millionaire," the One Minute Manicure and so-called speed dating (I'll leave out quickie sex and fast food as they're so out there). The sheer number of "instant" things we have has gotten to a point where it's so ridiculous it isn't funny. While I wholeheartedly agree with Jeremy Clarkson's old Top Gear column stating that speed is a big part of what makes us human, the Marie Claire articles also had me thinking on the flipside. This isn't totally new to my psyche as I've actually mulled it over a few times.

Really, when was the last time you stopped to smell the flowers?

Perhaps our lifestyles have gotten so very fast that they can literally leave us stranded on the street, dazed and bewildered. Just keeping up with the ever-increasing pace seems to be impossible---at least that's the impression I get from American culture now. Whole empires rise and fall in the span of time it takes for a kid to finish puberty. That seems to explain a growing "slow movement" happening that shuns fast food, restricts car travel and encourages people to slow down, chill out and enjoy life for once.

What's especially interesting is that some of these things we've created to increase our efficiency actually have the potential to hinder our progress and have us wallow in procrastination. Mao told me last night the Internet was the number one procrastinator's tool.

She's right.

Sigh. I'm thinking of her again.

The Marie Claire article had another related story covering a new way of meeting other people and going on dates in New York City, called "Quiet Parties." Part of the "slow movement" this time trying to shun speed dating, all the participants meet in a room and are not supposed to talk to anyone. All communication is anonymous and happens via pen and cards. No music, no phones, no nothing. They really mean it when they say it's a Quiet Party. Think of it as online chat, with the added benefit of instantly seeing the other party's facial reactions, says author Melissa Schweiger.

It's an interesting premise. The whole point is to get rid of small talk and get to know other people in an unpretentious way. Since the whole thing is based on anonymous cards it can be tough to tell the writing on the cards apart. But I wonder if this was what I've been doing with the girls I liked all this time.

Like I said I've been thinking of her again and I can't get her out of my head. Had we met via Quiet Party I doubt if we'd have become any different. I honestly don't know jack about courting girls---I've asked some out on dates but those didn't seem all that 'romantic.' I don't know what to do with her, honestly. Should I carry on as her friend and make my presence known more little by little, or should I completely reintroduce myself? I'm also afraid of destroying whatever friendship we already have just because I let my dick do the thinking. :(

Love is a two-way street, true. I may want her to be in my life, but what if she doesn't? Sigh.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Had an absolute hoot on YM with Geraldine last night. Now I'm convinced I really am a younger male version of her. Despite having a terrible head cold and a heavy head, I was laughing my ass off in front of the computer from all her jokes, and we were commiserating all our fuck-ups with love and relationships.

Managed to make a bit of magic tonight with Mao on YM too. She was having trouble with her thesis film, making a script for a pretty cool premise they had for their proposal which they found hard to do on film.

I'm trying to rack my brains for more spins on the basic idea to help her out.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

There are people in my really close circle of friends that I truly, deeply care about, yet I've taken it as a given that they'll never fully reciprocate my feelings because of the nature of our relationship as longtime friends.

I know I've lambasted the idea of falling in love with friends before. Yeah I know it's doomed to fail, from personal experience. And yes I know it's messy. But dammit, given the kind of person I am, there are only so many meaningful people I meet along the way---and I believe I've already met 80% of the people that will matter to me the most till the day I croak. Why not give it a shot?

I've been by her side all this time, longer than I thought, encouraging her whenever I get the chance (increasingly rarely nowadays) and listening to her problems. I'm convinced we can connect in that really special way. I just hope my aspirations are true.

For all the tacit demeanor and romantic nonchalance I show, inside I'm just yearning for someone to love me, and how I wish it could be her. I sound pathetic, I know, but I'm too damn lonely to care.

Love being a two-way street is both a blessing and a curse, I swear.

Got to watch PETA's play "Ang Palasyo ni Valentin" on a rainy Thursday night after having the OJT work plan discussed to us. Gorgeous play, really---and it's the kind that people aren't doing enough of these days. There isn't much of a motivation these days to write stories about undying love. "Valentin" is a pretty good wake-up call.

Went to visit my ex's blog on a whim. After 30 seconds' exposure I turned around and walked away, thinking "What the hell am I doing?!"

My ex is nothing more than another ghost to exorcise from the deepest recesses of my memory. Yet I seem to be condemned never to be able to forget.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I claimed my 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame kit yesterday and promptly went about building it. It's a pretty cool model once finished---very, very articulated for a non-MG kit, yet also very light because it's not an MG (no internal structures, strictly speaking---check the picture) so it's more posable. The build, with cleanup, took me around 5 hours.

Would be nice to paint this baby, especially as the scabbard for its katana is in plain white, but I'm happy with it as it is.

Lately I've been catching that big '80s favorite, "The A-Team," on Star World in the mornings when I wake up. I used to watch this when I was a kid and it's unbelievable that the show's actually as old as I am.

"In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team."

All the characters are zany and memorable, especially Mr. T as Sgt. Bosco "B.A." Baracus who raised the flag for African-Americans on '80s TV next to a primarily white cast. Despite his grumpy demeanor, B.A. was smart, brave and capable with all things mechanical (except airplanes---he hated flying), and I gotta say he probably started the whole "bling" phenomenon on black hip-hop artists with all the rings and jewelry he wore on the show. I checked his Wikipedia page, and Mr. T says all the (heavy) bling he carries is his way of sympathizing with his ancestors---Negro slaves. Pretty cool!

The other cast members are still alive, save for George Peppard (who played lead character Col. John "Hannibal" Smith"), who died in 1994 from pneumonia. Apparently the guy had a sad life.

The A-Team lives on: Some guy in the UK made a fantastic shrine on them. Click here for more on this fantastic five-season TV show.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

We're finally going to start OJT on Thursday night. Tantan, Leia, Rachel and I are to meet at PETA's new Theater Center at 6pm to learn of our work plan. After that, our first assignment is to watch one of their plays at 7:30 pm.

Great. I'm finally going to get busy after a month of stagnation. One concern is my mode of transport though, since I'm pretty sure the play will end sometime around 10pm. Being a Thursday rules out bringing a car too, so I guess I'll commute. Should be no problem, but I don't know how much of a fit my mom's going to throw. Sigh.

Geraldine's been sending me hilarious messages on Friendster, talking about how being old makes her more makulit, or how her nose sank New Orleans. She sees me as a younger male version of herself---although I'm not sure I live up to the claim.

Thanks, Lola Basyang. :p

She sent me one of those email surveys about love. Although I admit I can live without erotic love (I should!), the fact remains I won't mind having it in my life once again. I can only have so much talking to myself before the very thought gets sickening.

I've been looking for it especially since these days I've become pretty jaded. As irrational and selfish as it seems, I'd like nothing more than to be swept away by my feet by an unearthly impulse to be with the woman I love, whom as of now remains faceless.

It's only now that I noticed how much I gave up to finance this modelmaking hobby of mine. I haven't bought a new CD in months, and there are in fact a number I'd like to buy. I've been pining for Anton Ramos' Chillout Project Acid Jazz album, as well as Keane's and Franz Ferdinand's. Mao got me interested in listening to Coldplay too. It's funny how I never really detested their music (I rather like it), but I never got around to buying their CDs either.

It's also been months since I bought a new car magazine. Bought one this month, just to bring me up to date with what's been happening to the local motoring scene. I miss the days when I could buy Autocar ASEAN---now I hardly see any issues in stock. Hmmm.

Ahh, money. I never have enough of it. Now that I'm close to earning my own dough, I'm hearing stories from employed friends that they'd really rather stay as students for a bit longer. I don't know---I'm rather sick of studying. I'm sick of not being able to earn anything, which is why I'm actually quite jealous of my sister's entrepreneurial sense.

Oh well. At least I haven't done the absolute worst thing I can do---fuck and get a girl pregnant. Maybe there's an upside to this avoiding relationships after all.

Put in a 25% downpayment reservation for this kit, finally: the 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame. It's very close to being a MG model at a few hundred pesos less.

Great news: Bandai finally intends to release an MG Zeta Gundam ver.2.0 in December! Damn! This puts me at a quandary...should I get it or the MG Dom?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Spammers are fucking with my blog and leaving nonsense comments. I'm disabling them. Have anything to say? E-mail me instead.

This is from my friend and former actress Geraldine. Had nothing to do so here goes.

Name your 5 favorite:
1. Color
Yellow, Black, Blue, White, Ecru

2. Foods
Salpicao, pasta with red sauce, chopsuey, grilled veggie sandwiches, bread

3. Pastimes
going online, singing, working out, reading, modelmaking

4. Outfits
boot-cut jeans, cargo shorts, slogan shirts, caps and anything from American Eagle

5. Animals
cats, dogs, tigers, sheep, reindeer

6. Movies
Seven Samurai, Schindler's List, Driven, Shall We Dance, Wicker Park

7. TV channels
Animax, Sports Plus, Star Sports, HBO, AXN

8. Drink
water, hot green tea, rich hot chocolate, hot jasmine tea, 7-Up

9. Months
None in particular

10. Subjects in school
literature, philosophy, history, physics, chemistry

11. Breakfast foods
rice crispies, sinangag, longganiza, tocino, bread

12. Ice cream flavors
vanilla, cookie dough, cookies and cream, strawberry, mint choco chip

13. Scents
not much of a cologne person

14. Websites
hondaclub.com.ph, mechapinoy.net, gmail.com, pinoyexchange.com, autocar.co.uk

15. Junk Food
Oishi pillows, piattos, nova, chocolate, Lil' Caesars crazy bread
1. IF...you were a day, you'd be...

2. IF you were a mythical goddess/god, you'd be...

3. IF you were an animal, you'd be...
A rabbit.

4. IF you were a fruit, (sounds bad, I know), you'd be...
Kiwifruit. Tastes like a little bit of everything.

5. IF you were a ruler, you'd be...
Franklin Roosevelt, I guess.

6. IF you were a doctor, you'd be...
A shrink

7. IF you were a lawyer, you'd be...
Oh God, I hate law.

8. IF you won the lotto, you'd...
get my car fixed, get an airbrush and paints, get some plastic models. I'll save the excess

9. IF you could change anything in the past, what would that be?
I'd love to be more headstrong and independent. I was always pushed around when I was a kid and people always took advantage of my dependency on them.

10. IF you were to take up 3 foreign languages, they'd be...
Japanese, French, Spanish

11. IF you had the power to change things, what would it be?
Having more control over people and situations.

12. IF you had one wish, what would it be?
That I could be fully free to live my own life without my family badgering me and my affairs.

13. IF you won an free trip anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?
Japan, somewhere in the province. Maybe in the mountains of Gunma prefecture...

14. IF you were a cartoon character, you'd be...
Tetsuwan Atom/Astro Boy

15. IF you were to sing, who would you want to sing with?
Lea Salonga?
1. Right now, you're wearing...
DLSZ 22nd Foundation Anniv. shirt and DKNY black shorts

2. Watching...
Nothing in particular, last thing I saw was race 1 of the A1 Grand Prix in Brands Hatch, UK

3. Listening...
"Rise" by Origa (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG)

4. You just ate...
Rice, fried bangus, lowfat mango yogurt

5. You last talked to...
My mom. Urgh.

6. You last drank...

7. The weather is...
Ridiculously indecisive

8. After this, you'll...
Accompany my mom to the bank. Urgh again.

9. Where are you?
Obviously in front of the computer

10. Where would you like to be?
Away from my parents.

11. When did you last answer something like this?
A few months ago

12. Why do you answer this?
Because I was bored. Wakekekekeke!

13. How do these questions help?
They're a gloriously fun way to waste time, that's for sure

14. Will you make a set of these questions?
no. I never make my own.

15. Who do you want to answer the questions posted above...
Anyone who’s interested.
Essay Time...answer honestly...
1. Love to you is...
A major headache and the most potent analgesic all rolled into one.

2. Is there such a thing as a soul mate?
I don't believe that

3. Do you love being in love? Why?
Not really...I've learned how to get by without love, it's not like erotic love is essential to my existence or anything. But it sure does make my life more interesting...

4. What are your plans in life?
Be a motoring journalist. That kind of job I won't mind doing every day.

5. Who is the most important person in your life and why?
My Tita Vik. Favorite aunt in the world!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Minsan ay aking nakita
Kalawakan sa iyong mga mata
Liwanag, ako'y bigyan sana
Upang langit ay makamtan ko na

Ikaw ang kalayaan ko
Ikaw ang kalayaan ko

Nasa iyo ang kasagutan
Sa dilim ikaw ang aking daan
Pag-asa, sa ikot ng mundong
Napakabilis at nakakatuliro...

Marami kaming naghahanap, marami kaming napapadpad
Sa pansamantalang lunas
At di alam kung may bukas
Heto ang kahinaan ko, inaalay ko sa iyo
Upang mabigyang-tibay at lakas ang isang katulad ko!

Marami pa akong dapat malaman
Ituro mo ang landas sa iyo...

Ikaw ang kalayaan ko
Ikaw ang kalayaan ko

- The Dawn, "Kalayaan" from the album "Prodigal Sun"