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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Do you not feel strange
Being the butt of all these jokes
Do you not feel ashamed
That strangers keep putting you down
Do you not feel discouraged
Seeing others trample on your hopes
Do you not feel rage
On those who look at you as a clown

Brown man,
Where has your honor gone?
When will you stop joking at yourself
Making fun of things that point right back to you?
Have you not had enough?
Have you not been confused for too long?
Are you not sick of fighting with yourself?

You need not lash back
Nor resort to gimmickry
All you need is a clear track
Of things to attain victory
All you need is a clear head
Not rage that can leave you dead
All you need is a little self-respect
To make good use of your prospects

Brown man, I believe in you
For you are irreplaceable
Indomitable and true
It is only you
That can dictate what you are
Realize what you aspire for
And reach, no matter how far

Brown man, you must live.

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