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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Day 2 of thesis shooting is tomorrow. We'll be going to St. Luke's Hospital in Quezon City to shoot some footage inside the emergency room.

Went on a shopping day with my mom and Bianx yesterday. After doing the groceries, I got a couple new shirts and my second pair of badminton shoes---white/blue/mustard Adidas Stratos 3s worth PhP2,700. I should say they're lower-cut and feel a lot lighter than my pair of Yonexes (which by the way are being sold for PhP2,750 elsewhere---I managed to save PhP250), and offer better arch support too. I don't feel like I'll be buying expensive replacement insoles for this pair anytime soon. I know this from previous experience as the last pair of Adidas shoes I got had terrific foot cushioning too. I just hope the Stratos 3s last longer.

On a side note, they even look good off the court. They're mostly white so I'm pretty sure they'll get soiled quickly though.

Bianx and I also got to see Rocky after so long. He seemed fine---still as irritatingly lean as he was the last time I saw him---and he was on a break from "work" when we saw him. He's supposedly working at Paul Smith now.

I did some canvassing for the replacement tires I might get soon to retire my current Bridgestone Premio 325s.

Best deal I saw was for Yokohama S306s---PhP1,800 a tire. Not bad. Nyl from HCP also told me they're pretty good despite the price, older design and the local construction.

Of course I'd love to get better tires...but that would necessitate my moving up to 15" rims as I'd be hard-pressed to find Advan Neovas, Bridgestone GIIIs or Yokohama ES100s for my alloys.

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