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Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I'm completely down-to-earth!

Find your soul type
at kelly.moranweb.com.

You are the most in touch with knowledge. It's the tree of life from which you tap the sap. You know what you want and you know how to reasonably get it.

Virtues: You respect people with plans. When someone has their head on their shoulders, you know that they can see straightforward and keep their eyes on the mark. When it comes to looking at the future, you take a logical approach: what's within your ability? A fortunate attribute that you have is the ability to set a goal for yourself, higher than maybe you feel possible, but still keep yourself within reasonable bounds. You take the time to appreciate those surrounding you and they do appreciate you in return. Decision-making comes naturally to you when you take the time to consider each option. People only come to talk to you when they are looking for a logical, reasonable solution.

Aspirations: You have an idea of what you can do with your life, but you push it up a notch. You need a profession that you can enjoy, so work towards it. You want to live near your friends and family while being as far away as possible. You also want to settle down while working in excitement and variation.

Quirks: You don't appreciate drama queens and they don't appreciate you. When they need help, they won't seek you out because of your ability to see through their overly dramatic predicaments. You have leeway for humor, and sometimes love to participate in it, but when it becomes irrational behavior, others can count you out. Loud noises are bothersome, except when they come from you or your friends.

Factors: Reach for the sky! Don't decide to do something because you're merely good at it, but choose something you might like to do, despite whether you're sure you can master it or not. Don't only save room for a few empathetic friends, but open up to everyone.

Future: When looking for a job, if you work in all of your talents (logic, decision-making, planning, and definitely humor), you'll find yourself happy. Come to a compromise for location; live nearby your friends and take periodic vacations or live farther away and take frequent return trips.

Not to sound egotistic or anything, this quiz just piqued my interest. Ladeeda...

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Got some mail from strangers about my blog. Apparently they stumbled over my little hut on the Net while looking for something else (really, how else would people I've never met know about my existence?), and they actually thought I write well. One of them even wanted to be friends with me.

Well, I feel quite honored. Thanks.

Online enlistment for my courses next term was a bitch. I can't blame DLSU for much though...most of the fault was on my damn unreliable computer. I was really close to burying my measly little knuckle into the case's sheet metal. Never seemed to work properly for more than an hour. I need a new computer. Or at least I need an upgrade.

My car's battery finally gave out on me. He came to the rescue and got me a new one while I was parked in a nearby Caltex station. Although I appreciate that he was there, I hate the way he, along with his other, has to rub in every little mistake I make. Being treated like this, I suppose you wouldn't be surprised as to why I hide the truth from you two so often. I don't want to be constantly bugged by my blatant mistakes again. I'm nineteen, for crying out loud. You should know that I know when I'm wrong. I should know; I have an overdeveloped sense of guilt, no thanks to my lack of credit in your perception.

Scratch that. EVERYTHING I do is never right, correct or adequate for you two. Not even the fact that I managed to stay on the Dean's List for the whole year entitles me to any benefit whatsoever. I wonder what the point is in ranting about this when I know not any amount of pleading or pleasing you will change things.

I felt so lethargic today. I couldn't help but fall asleep in Physics Lab class. The whole week I've been so damn tired because my sleep's been very erratic. When I plan on waking up at 9 am, I wake up at 6 for one reason or another. So weird. Maybe I need downers to sleep well this time.

My erstwhile crush and now close friend Denise was kidding me after I told her about my little lunch date with Pam yesterday. She was telling me that the two of us might end up as a couple.

Nah, I told her. Not likely. She's sworn off relationships.

Den wouldn't give up. "That's where things get started." Oh...kay. I just smiled it off.

Had the weirdest smoothie I ever tasted. I ordered a banana smoothie from a Japanese restaurant in University Mall. When I got it, it was a shade of pink and hardly tasted like banana at all. Weird. I'm never getting smoothies from that place again. I fear for my safety.

Monday, June 24, 2002

Had no classes today because of Manila's city anniversary. Had nothing better to do. So I decided to ask Pam out to lunch before she went to work.

We met and ate at Cibo in Glorietta, and spent our time just talking away. She was worried that her section had only 4 pages on Wednesday, a far cry from their usual two 8-page sections. Although it meant that they'd finish their work earlier, it also meant being somewhat shortchanged by their advertisers...

Later on we went to her office inside the Philippine Daily Inquirer's halls. She introduced me to her section editor and some of her co-writers, but I was too shy to make any particularly memorable impression on them. Still, it was a great day and I had loads of fun. Not even the rude greeting of my car's discharged battery spoiled my day today (it's somewhat charged now).

Thanks a lot, Pam.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Saturday was a hectic day. Had my admission exams for The LaSallian in the morning, then had this talk for Philosophy (which was incidentally more political than philosophical -- the talk may as well have been for POLIGOV, not INTPHIL). In the evening I went to Angel's debut at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

The exams were long. Whoever made that news test made damn sure applicants like me wouldn't take exams for other departments -- but I got the one for graphics and layout too, hahaha. It didn't help that I was an hour late for it either. I felt like my writing skills were being forced out of my latent laziness because I haven't been writing news full time for about a couple of years.

The debut was okay, but so many irritations spoiled my evening. With the Pan Pacific Hotel being in the heart of downtown Manila, I got lost driving around in circles because of Manila's maze of one-way streets. The debut was right in the middle of the Manila Filmfest as well, so traffic was rather bad. When I got to the restaurant, these waiters served an extraordinary amount of Chinese food; I think I counted at least 12 entrees. Just trying to sample them all was a chore, being all sated with food.

The greatest disappointment, though, didn't come in until I left the damn place. Since I parked in the basement and it was my first time in the damn hotel, I didn't know I had to validate my parking ticket (no one ever told me, and I swear it wasn't on the ticket). That made the difference of paying PhP90 for parking (expensive enough, but manageable) and PhP300 for parking. Frustrated, I simply palmed the bills to the parking lady and drove off on full throttle. I left there broke. I was hoping to save that, you assholes...

Oh well, I guess what matters is that I actually went there. Happy belated "debut," Angel. You know what I mean.

I finally met Pam Pastor in person. And what a surprise it was.

It was one of those spur-of-the-moment meetings, actually -- she had to do an interview of our basketball training team, and I was up long enough to be able to talk to her on her home phone the night before. I arranged to escort her around DLSU right in between my tests and my lecture.

We met at South Gate, and then I proceeded to escort her to the Sports Complex's hardwood courts. After her interview, we went down to La Casita for lunch. Far from being an awkward meeting, we were talking and laughing like two old friends who hadn't seen each other in years. It was also great to be able to be with Pam without being hassled by cell phone credits or excessive Net usage. As we found out, we actually had a common time where we could just hang around in Makati. Yes, Pam, I agree: we really should go out more often.

I loved making my friend smile and forget about all her recent troubles with weird guys. 'Twas just too bad that I had to leave for my Philosophy lecture, as she was free until 5 pm that afternoon. We'll do this again, Pam, I promise. You make me realize how nice I really am.

As I was typing this I've had to rewrite and rewrite this post at least four times. My four-year-old computer's uncooperative again. I thought I had the problem fixed when I removed 75MB of junk and temporary files from this lump, but no...

Methinks it's about time I took up my mom's suggestion of getting a new computer.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Don't you dare start with me. You already test my patience severely, you liar. You so proudly claim to think the same way I do yet you fail to realize that you've been lacking decency toward me. You should know a lot better, kid. It's getting to the point that I can barely contain an impulse to bash your face in.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Computer's been very problematic though. It's been crashing on me whenever I'm online, for no apparent reason. I suspect my aging hard disk, but I'm no technician.
It's been quite a while since I updated...not that there's been much of anything worth posting.

Went to Otakuboard's first anniversary today, at Beia's house in BF Las PiƱas. Basically had a great time hanging around with the wacky members of our little online community. Her house was rather hot inside -- most of us sweated a lot and got dehydrated -- but it wasn't too bad a deal. I actually talked and opened up more with them, not just persisting by my lonesome at some Percussion Freaks machine --- and found some pretty nice and funny people.

I got the chance to ferry two OB newbies to Beia's place; the twins were Chinese-Filipino. I felt so glad to be able to somehow rid Annabelle and Matthew of their self-consciousness, and I fully related with how they felt because I was the sole newbie in the third OB EB two months ago. I think they left my car quite satisfied with the entire event. Till next time guys. I had fun.

I should probably realize by now how much of a bad liar I am. Seriously, I should always remember that I'm one of the most transparent persons on earth. No amount of experience is ever going to make me a better bluffer.

I guess that means I can't play good poker though. Heheheh.

Pam was off to Hong Kong for an entire weekend. My cellphone was absolutely silent, void of text messages during that period. Although I missed keeping her company, I also realized how much of a big spender I've been. A lot of my expenses went to cellphone loading. I've spent an easy PhP6,000 off my bank account during the last summer, and I haven't been saving up any.

I really want to keep in touch with Pam, but maybe I should think of meeting and hanging out with her sometime and someplace convenient. I can't phone her at home, and I'm limited by cellular calls and texts. Kind of in a fix. Maybe I should return to e-mail. Then again...