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Monday, May 17, 2004

Even though it rained buckets today, I came horribly late for the shoot, I got lost in St. Luke's and I had to pedal my car 100 kilometers to bring and fetch Ercx and Gonzo, today's shoot was pretty much a success.

I just hope I could go to Puerto Galera on the 21st, too. It's been years since I've been to a beach. Not that I have a body to strut confidently, but I just want to have some fun with the blockmates I so rarely see nowadays. Ercx seems to have plans of going up north to Ilocos too...a final summer gimmick just like ours, only longer.

I've got one final week of summer left...I should use it wisely.

Dad gave me money for replacement tires. It seems I'm finally going with the S306 Yokohamas. Tiremasters, a shop he frequents, offers PhP1,850 per tire but with free balancing and mounting...seems like a good deal to me. All I pay extra for are any lead weights needed to get all the wheels perfectly balanced.

Got to wear my Adidas Stratos 3s the whole day today. I'm amazed at how grippy the gum soles are.

My right foot seems happy with the shoe, my left foot less so. My big toe seemed to receive a lot of undue pressure. This after a three games of Dance Maniax. I guess it is a little tight. However I think it'll be all right on the badminton courts.

Weekend afternoons I now set aside for YM chats with Cher. I miss that girl.

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