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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I finally got new rubber shod on my Honda.

No, they were not Yokohama S306s. They were Bridgestone Turanza GR-80s, and I couldn't believe they were being offered in the right size for my SX8 City.

I've read a lot of kudos for this particular variety and I confirm it. When my car came off the jack stands, I felt the steering wheel lighten. All of a sudden it required even less effort to twirl the wheel around (despite the excellent maneuverability of the City), and as I drove over the same old road acne all over Osmena Highway, I noticed the old omnipresent tire howl was muted almost completely.

On the way home from Villamor AFB, I thought it was the perfect time to test how good the latest Turanzas were on wet asphalt. I was pretty impressed---even against the better-wearing of my old Premios, these tires seemed to resist aquaplaning (and that is a GREAT thing). Even when I was cruising along at 80 km/h on the Skyway, the steering wheel felt resolutely smooth and free of the nasty little lateral tugs that are the hallmark of aquaplaning front tires.

Better still...they fit my budget. The whole shebang cost PhP7,400, amounting to PhP1,850 a tire. I'm a happy customer.

Why is it that no one told me the Adidas Stratos 3s I bought were WOMENS' shoes? No wonder they're a size smaller than my Yonexes despite being badged "9".

Ehhh, no matter. As badminton shoes they're pretty damn good. Tito, one of my Villamor AFB badminton barkada, told me tight shoes are better for the sport so that feet don't shuffle inside the shoe that much. He even told me the Stratos looked unisex from most angles.

As long as I don't tie them too tight, the Stratos will serve me well.

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