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Friday, March 01, 2002

What is it with me and attending events full of strangers alone? I've been to weddings just so I could proxy for my missing-in-attendance father and give my mom a convenient escort. I've been to birthday parties and debuts where I'm pretty much ignored by everyone else's happy chatter.

Sometimes I wonder if I was truly meant to be a lone wolf. Then again, I still crave company.

Went to my blockmate Isa Sarmiento's birthday luncheon last Wednesday at her house in Valle Verde 5, Pasig. That place is so hot -- literally. I never thought noontime could get that hot anywhere in Manila. They had fantastic food which I could've sworn was catered -- until I found out it was all her mom's cooking! It was such a feast. Her mom's a great cook.

On the way home I took the C-5 highway in the afternoon. That's such a waste of good cemented road. It's dangerous to navigate its length at night, what with the sheer darkness (locals there smash or steal the lamppost bulbs) and the constant danger of sideswiping a running pedestrian, or being held up right after stopping. I kept the speedo needle on my Corolla at a constant 100 km/h for the sweeping macadam road curves. That's a driving treat I can't look forward to anytime soon. Shame.

I really, really, desperately wanted to go to Ateneo de Manila University to visit my friends. Most especially Mitzi, whom I haven't seen in a year but keep in constant touch with. At least they all get out as early as the end of March. We still have one more month to go. Maybe she should visit me at DLSU instead.

Is it true that anger allowed to stew over a prolonged period turns into hate?