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Thursday, May 24, 2007

More than cheap

My wounded heart is trying to find solace in the most unexpected of places.

I thought it was just a cheap, sordid hangout where party people converge. But I was pleasantly surprised to see there's a lot more to this place than what most people think. It was comforting to see its residents willing to share their stories of happiness and heartbreak in more complicated circumstances and it was so intriguing to hear them bare their souls.

All I did before was lurk. Maybe this time I'll stay longer and become more involved. It's nice to see the people here are human after all.

This place shall remain nameless.

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Hedwig said...

hey JM! was so damn impatient too. haha. one thing i realize is that getting angry at someone is me giving away too much power, attention, and energy to someone who's most likely unworthy. might as well keep the goodies and use them for something actually worth my time. :) snooty ba? maybe so, but it works for me. take it easy man.