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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Saturday started out as a mess but ended pretty well.

I was very irritable in the morning as I was in school at 8 am and with a bad night's worth of sleep, hoping that my groupmates would meet up with me about any changes to the PowerPoint presentation I made. Imagine all my worrying when Mao finally did come at around 9:30. At that time, at least I was already in a computer shop adding animations.

After I was finished with those pesky animations (which they really should've told me to add in advance), we went to the presentation room to await our turn. I was getting pretty pissed about where my other groupmates were. As it turned out the didn't arrive until 10:30, with little to call a proper presentation plan.

I know I should've been more understanding of them as Mao and Zeri were both from producing "A Night of the Arts" for their production org, but I wasn't. The trouble is, we really could've set the presentation up a long time ago and we didn't. That's what I was pissed about.

I decided to leave them to their own devices because noon was fast approaching and I still had to go meet our speaker, Federico Makabenta of Level-Up Games. I don't care about any points I'd miss out on the concept report. I may be an unconfirmed Marketing Management major, but I have other, more urgent things to do.

I am very thankful our group got Sir Fed.

We briefed him in Level-Up's stock room about the seminar and how it'd go, and it seemed as if he could already anticipate the seminar itself. He was a Philosophy and Economics major, and he used to be in print for news advocacy, so that was doubly good for his credentials.

He knew what he was talking about. He knew what kind of atmosphere to expect. More importantly, Fed placed a lot more importance in humanity's free will than we ever did in the three months of SOCIETY class.

Kurt, Denise and I left the building with a sense of hope. We might not be blasted with zeros by Miss Sibayan come Tuesday after all.

Kurt and I went to Greenbelt after the visit to Fed's, to burn the time until Bianx was done with ORIENT2. He bought some comics, we perused some CDs at Music One, I played a few games of Dance Maniax and Percussion Freaks (the latter of which I'm pretty rusty at nowadays).

We noticed DM and PF actually attracted the game-playing babes. By chance we got to follow a couple of cute girls in tank tops and dark jeans on the way back to basement parking. Kurt wanted to hit on them. Hahahahaha!

I've been in the same school with this guy for over 15 years and it's only now that I got to goof around with him. Was quite fun.

Bianx took me to free dinner from one of her blockmates' SK activities---a billiards tourney on Pasay Road.

How nice of her. The food might not have been genuine beef salpicado like it claimed to be, but it was pretty good and I got no complaints.

Got to meet some of her blockmates too.

Saturday ended pretty well.

Cher was with me through SMS the whole time I was angry, disappointed, delighted and relieved yesterday. We were on YM as usual last night.

She updated her blog, too, but I ain't saying where it is. And she's meeting her pare for the first time next Friday.

Maraming salamat, Kerya. Sana talaga mag-click din kayo ni pare offline. ;)

Hey, show me that toothy grin, friend. :D

For once I slept pretty well. Yaaaaaawn.

I oughta sleep more.

I found out Helene enjoys Dance Dance Revolution and Dance Maniax just as much as I do. Cool!

And I thought I was the only one in DLSU who did. ^_^;;;

Man, I spent a lot of time in my car driving around lately. I oughta consider living in it. Mweheheheheh. :P

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