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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Pakiramdam ko ngayon ako ay nagmumukhang gago
Ngayon ako'y nagsisisi kung bakit ako nag-I love you
Kasi, hindi na tayo tulad ng dati!
Ngayon sa akin ika'y diring-diri!

--Parokya ni Edgar, Maniwala Ka Sana

This really scary hissing noise creeps into the house at midnight and has been annoying the hell out of me for two days now. It sounds not unlike some hyperactive unattended kettle.

Apparently my mom heard it too...and she hypothesized that the sound might be a snake's hiss.


I didn't know my home was so reptile-friendly. First lizards and now snakes?

I never knew death was just under my kitchen.

I invited Denise over to my house last night to get some of the revisions to our thesis proposal over and done with. It felt like we spent more time being distracted and joking each other silly.

Too bad she had to leave early. We were actually in the middle of something productive when she had to go.

Wait a minute.

She left her birthday brownies in our fridge. :P

I don't have any clue as to what exactly "Super Eurobeat" is, but if it's as great as the music I hear on Initial D, I'll buy it.

Scoured the Web for Initial D soundtracks last night and I found out there were at least 9 volumes. The songs I so loved from Initial D's first season were on 3 CDs already.

Damn. I hope Feata Bookstore carries them.

One more reason for me to save up some money!

every night you drive me crazy like you know
every day I scream so loud you'll always be my queen

so you can be my shining star tonight
I'm not alone with all your love
fly across the sky, you will be mine
like a real dream with you, babe

gonna get you, like a space boy
I'm ready babe
gonna catch you, I'm your space boy
dive into your heart baby
gonna get you, like a space boy
I hear you babe
gonna catch you, I'm your space boy
take a chance with me baby

--Dave Rodgers, Space Boy (Initial D, D Selection 1)

I guess it's pretty obvious music has a heavy influence in my life, despite my inability to play any instrument (other than drums I guess).

I ought to have more CDs.

That means I ought to save more money.

It's an endless cycle.


Got to visit Helene's livejournal recently...and I can say that, for a couple of Comm Arts majors who aren't blockmates and who don't talk that often, we can relate with each other pretty well.

Actually maybe it was just another case of my overt shyness working with her. She's really a pretty approachable fellow.

Thanks Helene. You take care now okay? Stay happy and stay yourself.

Helene suggested I should put up some sort of feedback module on my blog...a tagboard perhaps. Unfortunately I don't like the way tagboards can be exploited, as was the case with my ex's blog. The whole time it was up, it was filled with garbage from some strangers.

Maybe I'll just wait until there's a more convenient feedback mode. But I'm considering it.

I never thought "System Shock" was the name of a game by Electronic Arts.

Do I get sued for misuse of name then?

Damn I hope not. C'mon, really, what's in a name? I first decided to name my blog "Culture Shock" but it was already taken. :P

Let me just say, I think you're a really cool friend and I've been really happy since I got to meet you.

Thanks so much Cher. I hope you and John last a long time. :)

In the meantime I'll keep your secret. :)

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