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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Denise finally made a testimonial for me on Friendster.

I was touched and humored at the same time. She said I was her "personal Mr. Miyagi." She even inserted a little jingle: "When your tummy goes loco, Yuchengco is the way to go!" HAHAHAHAHA!

Been mulling over my lack of a lovelife lately.

Sure, I have crushes on a LOT of girls but no one seems to be a good fit in terms of both personality and looks. Then there are the circumstantial reasons (i.e. she's already taken).

Overall though, I don't really miss it a lot. I'm happy being by myself, although there's nothing quite like having someone very dear next to me when I feel like some company.

Can't help wondering how I'd be when I delve into my next relationship.

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