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Sunday, November 09, 2003

It's been some time since I last posted on Otakuboard. I have my reasons, actually. The place just isn't as inviting as it was before.

One of those reasons is Ragnarok Online. I know it's a massively popular MMORPG in the vein of Diablo/Diablo 2, and I respect that. But when an entire board devoted to anime, music, video games and Japanese goodies devotes 90% of its time to just RO, I can't help thinking OB should've just been called "The Ragnarok Online Board" and leave it at that.

It's gotten so bad that it pervades EBs. The last time I scooted over to Beia and Rich's new house (yes, they're now married), apart from talking about some pressing board matters (which I'll discuss later), everyone was talking about RO and nothing else. I am honestly shocked to see my friends having social lives worse than mine because of just one game, no matter how popular it is. After spending just two hours I wanted to go home so bad, I sped along Coastal Road at full chat.

When I heard news that a new OB sub-forum was being opened dedicated entirely to RO, I felt that was an impetus for me to leave the forums as well, at least temporarily. Beia had told me that contributors like me don't get deleted automatically even when inactive. I might just drop by once in a while...and only for a while.

The second reason is that OB can't seem to stay peaceful. That was the reason why Beia told me to go visit their house the last time.

Marc and I are especially disappointed over power-tripping moderators.

Mike and I were also blamed by one of these moderators for spilling the address to Beia's livejournal to other people, indirectly or not. I really felt enraged especially as I risked taking a beating for something I never did. Someone would have to hack my e-mail account to find out the location of Beia's LJ through me, and as far as I know no one's been able to figure out my new password.

Just so this moderator could "look clean" and acquire the power of OB administratorship, he had to antagonize everybody else. He's a heavy gamer right? Doesn't he play the King of Fighters series? For all its complicated stories that's the single pervading theme of ALL the games.

What a shame. To think I used to hold so much respect for the guy.

Eat lead, space cowboy.

This just shows how easily I can be used as some scapegoat...and I HATE IT.

Now don't people wonder why I only hang around in HCP nowadays? Despite being a big forum and despite me knowing only a handful of people there, at least they are less exploitative and a whole lot friendlier.

Speaking of HCP, they're arranging something big for their next EB come November 22. They're planning to go convoy up north to Subic, where they'll have a friendly timed RWYB (run-what-you-brung) event at the Subic International Raceway. And it's dirt-cheap too: just PhP200 for everything.

Much as I would really WANT to test my driving skills on a track with my stock SX8 Honda City, I can't. Subic is way too far for me (but I'm very willing to drive), and I bet my mom and other relatives hugely disapprove of me racing or practicing on a track. To think that there's less risk here on a racetrack than on public roads...

How do I know my heel-and-toe downshifting technique is already up to snuff when I can't even practice it on corners?

Very sad, I am.

Shit...can't I even go karting? That way it's not anyone's car I'll be abusing.

My disappointment extends to my choosing new rubber for my car.

I believe that tires are the one component of cars no one should ever scrimp on, no matter how one drives. They're the only part of the car that's actually in contact with the road, and even then their contact patches are actually no bigger than our palms.

Already, two of my OEM Bridgestone Premio 325 tires are pretty worn, and while they're now mounted at the rear (my City's a front-driver), I still managed to experience aquaplaning/skidding at moderate speed on wet roads.

If it were my own money I spent for my tires, I'd get 4 of Yokohama's ES100s or Dunlop's LM702s---not too expensive yet highly recommended. If I had the budget, I could even install new 15" rims with Yokohama's awesomely grippy Advans or Toyo's much-lauded Proxes T-1S.

As it turns out, I'm only going to be getting ONE new tire. My little-used spare (still a Bridgestone Premio 325) will be used full-time, while the deeper-treaded of my remaining OE tires will be put in the rear. I have a feeling I'll be getting a comfort-biased Goodyear NCT3 or NCT5 as my one replacement tire. Sigh...

Oh well...this is even more of a reason to graduate and get working ASAP. That way I won't be answerable to anybody else on how I use my money.

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