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Friday, March 31, 2006

Surprises...more pleasant ones please

This has to be the coldest summer I recall having. True, the sweltering heat has always been present, but the past couple of days were visited by unexpected dark clouds and rainshowers. It’s a big change for me not to prefer running my car’s aircon because it gets too damn cold and I quickly need a piss while driving.

It’s one of those pleasant surprises, I gather. If only there were more of them. Most surprises that come my way subscribe to Murphy’s Law—those of the “if it can go wrong, it will” variety.

Went to Toyota Motor Philippines today in Santa Rosa for a preliminary job interview and an exam. Er, make that a battery of exams.

Today was pretty much as screwed up as things could get. I woke up longing for more sleep, grew irate due to the unusually slow southbound traffic, got confused and irritated by guards who told me to park in 3 different places, and drained of my energy from all the exams. By the time I reached the interview phase I bet I was an incoherent mess.

I think I screwed up that one big time. Oh well.

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