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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


You claimed that you and I were cut from the same cloth, the same piece woven in different eras. For a while I was happy for that. I delighted in listening to your stories, giving me your advice and being open with me. I even managed to convince myself I had fallen for you.

How wrong I was.

Have you ever given some thought to why I have changed so much whenever I face you? To be short and direct, I actually got sick and tired of listening to you all the time. You monopolized every one of our conversations, talking the time away, never letting me get a word in, nor realizing that maybe it would be good for me to have my quiet time once in a while. To be totally honest, I’ve had it up to my neck with you and your emotional baggage. Call it a case of saturation. I have it so bad, I actually dread seeing you because I already know what I should expect—even more of the saturation I don’t want.

I want to thank you for everything, but at the same time I have to tell you I am purging you out of my system. Perhaps I will be better off with someone who isn’t so similar to myself. I am freakish enough already—I do not need to be reminded of what I can become ten years from now.

Another day, another interview. Despite graduating with two degrees I’m starting to get scared of not landing a job. Badminton can only keep me distracted for so long.

I feel slightly jealous of Tantan and Rachel, who are now working at least. Maybe I’m just being too picky with the sort of job I want, with the sort of competition I have to go up against. Then again there are jobs I will definitely not consider, such as call centers. The moment I land a position in one, I know I will definitely wreck my health and my sanity.

On the flip side, I am reminded of Eka. Hers was an unfortunate fate, really. I believe she was able to graduate but she wasn’t able to make use of her acquired knowledge because her fuse ended short. I suppose I’m still lucky.

While I’m blogging I might as well write about the Justice League.

I never thought this animated series would grab me like it did. It was a pleasant surprise seeing how American animators and screenwriters can put together something as deep, coherent and memorable as this. I grew up watching Batman: The Animated Series (the first of the DC animated universe series by Bruce Timm) way back in 1994 and I was introduced to the great risks WB took by portraying Batman/Bruce Wayne as darkly as in this series. The 1930s film-noir-like feel was very good, but it got too thick at times.

In comparison, Justice League is just as superb but betters Batman: TAS in places. The series is still episodic, but most are done in two parts to further flesh out the story. For all the strength and talent of our band of seven superheroes, each is still without their pitfalls and humanity (though J’onn J’onzz is technically a Martian). Unlike the earlier series, JL is more balanced.

I love Justice League so much I want to get the complete DVD set. I just saw the finale last night and it was spectacular.

You can probably see a pattern emerging here. I rarely watch movies nowadays because I’m usually too lazy to watch them, or I’m sick of knowing what to expect. Animated series are way different in the sheer possibility the medium promises and it’s really unfair how “cartoons” have been demoted by Americans to things only kids should watch. Bruce Timm and his team changed that outlook at WB for good.

I might as well look for DVDs of Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond, two similarly good Timm series.

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