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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Past, present, future

If you aren’t fazed by spicy dishes and want to try something different, I suggest you go into a Thai restaurant and order a bowl of tom yum goong. It’s a clear soup with mushrooms, shrimp and vegetables, but brace yourself and your palate for the first sip.

I love how it goes down your throat and clears it with pure heat—without the hangover of tequila.

Even before earning my first paycheck, I already have plans for my money.

My first real project is repairing my Honda. I’m very aware my little blue machine needs suspension work, particularly on the rear dampers, and recently I’ve been hearing intermittent chirping noises somewhere in the right front wheel area when I’m committed into turns.

If I have money left over, I’d like to give it a good paintjob to get rid of all the scratches and dents. I’ve left them alone for far too long.

After that, I’m still torn between a few things. One option would be saving up for that Tamiya Spray-Work basic airbrush and compressor set, to finally get started with painting my models. Hmmm. Maybe that should wait.

Another option would be to dress my car up just a little. I’m looking at a nice set of 15” alloy wheels. Then again, maybe that’s frivolous. Besides, it’s not exactly my car...not yet, anyway.

Perhaps I should stop at that for now. Grander plans than these might just leave me disappointed. There’s no use crying over spilt milk, as some say. Sigh.

Twenty-three years old, that’s how old I am. Gee.

I’m actually beginning to think of my future. I’d love to have a family, but only when I’m financially stable. Where would they live, I reckon? How many kids do I want? Where are they going to study? When’s the proper age to get married and have kids? Do I have kids early so there isn’t much of a generation gap, or do I have them later so I can be sure I can support them? How would I be as a father? It seems pretty overwhelming right now.

Time is not on my side after all. Maybe I should focus all my effort on staying away from getting anyone pregnant by mistake. Lord knows, the last thing the Philippines needs are kids whose parents can’t afford to support.

I’m also slightly jealous of my old college friends who have jobs. I seem to be the only one who’s still a bum, and it’s pretty demoralizing. Bums don’t attract girls, I figure. I’m beginning to question the wisdom behind taking a double degree in DLSU. It looks good, but I’m not exactly young anymore and I’ve let go of some opportunities because I took too damn long in school (including taking seventh grade). I have slight regrets of not being more of a leader back in my college days, as many of the companies I’ve tried applying to prioritize leaders.

Sigh. I wonder how my life’s going to turn out?

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