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Friday, March 24, 2006

Not young anymore...

Ever since I was around nine years old I’ve had this prominent mole on my lower right lip. Before long it became my main identifying mark, as well as the butt of some harmless jokes.

What I didn’t notice was that this mole was growing in size without my knowledge. Other people could notice it somehow, but not me. I never gave it any thought. Apparently I had inherited my grandfather’s “living mole” gene too and it was growing on my lower right lip.

Fast-forward to a year ago, and like many guys I shave my facial hair. Unfortunately my beloved little mole had some hair follicles on it too, and I’d try taking it off with my razor. At this point in time, it had grown in both diameter and height that scratching it with my razor and bleeding on my towel was unavoidable.

I guess it’s about time I should have it removed...

I tried answering an invitation for Sun Life Financial today. It turned out that they wanted me as an insurance sales agent and financial planner.

I’ve been dissuaded by Aileen and a number of other friends from entering a career in sales, so I had to turn them down despite the friendliest interview I’ve ever had (thanks to Mrs. Annie Kimseng). However, I’m now more aware of planning for the future.

To be honest I’m the kind of guy who lives life one day at a time. Plans in my opinion add an unnecessary amount of stress if and when what you’ve planned doesn’t come into fruition. With things as they are now, though, perhaps I can’t afford to live so lackadaisically anymore. That’s where insurance comes in.

It’s very interesting how just saving a few thousand bucks right now could mean me driving my own car in as early as 6 or 7 years via the power of compound interest. I guess it just takes that sort of discipline to keep from spending your allowance or salary away now in order to get something bigger in return much, much later. I’m not much of a numbers kind of guy, but I did learn from FINAMA2 in college and from recent newspaper clippings that saving now could mean earning a lot more in the future.

Perhaps it’s about time I started planning out my life. When do I want to have kids? When am I going to own my own car? It dawns on me that I’m not exactly young anymore. It sounds like a bleak reality, but that’s life for you.

I’m going to end up buying insurance and other financial vehicles at this rate, rather than selling it. Heheheh.

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