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Friday, March 03, 2006

The reviews I've written

I've been writing reviews on a number of things, mainly anime and my collection of Gundam plastic models. Here I'm sharing links to three of them I've written so far.

MG 1/100 MSZ-006 "Zeta Gundam" Ver.2.0
MG 1/100 XXXG-01W(E) "Wing Gundam" Ver.Ka
MG 1/100 MS-06F-2 "Zaku II F2"

I've also written close to 20 reviews over the years for Beia's site, The Otaku Fridge, which started life as "Anime Okashi."

Please visit them, and I hope you enjoy what you read.

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Beatrice Margarita V. Lapa said...

hehe, actually...it really did start out as the fridge (original name: the kitchen raiders' refrigerator) in 1997 and became okashi in 2001 and now it's back to being the fridge. :)