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Friday, January 13, 2006


It is with slight disappointment that I learn our block trip to Zambales is postponed indefinitely. Apparently not enough of us are free tomorrow, or on any other weekend within the month. Sigh.

This means I rot at home again...doubtless to the glee of my mother.

I am bored, very bored.

Within the sickening morass of call center and sales positions I see in my Jobstreet e-mails and classified ads, I’m surprised there are actually people out there who are looking for writers and graphic artists—precisely the kind of work I wouldn’t mind taking up. It was all a matter of knowing where to look, and PinoyExchange was pretty helpful.

Still, I was foolish enough to consider scheduling an interview with some customer service or technical support company—precisely the kind of work I want to avoid. Oh well. I might as well go to the interview and just see how I do.

I wonder how true it is that I will get mail and called for job offers immediately after my graduation? It’s just two weeks away.

In the sea of useless tests out there, this one is worth taking. I got this from Dana.


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