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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The smashing choir-boy

This weekend had the Sun Valley Music Ministry practically written all over it.

Last night after mass we rehearsed a bit for the upcoming “concert,” then headed out to SM Bicutan for dinner at Tokyo Tokyo with Aileen, Mabel, Leejay, Jajah and Denz. I was practically interrogated by Jajah over dinner, and I was a bit uncomfortable with it, but I suppose she meant well. We were there long enough to see SM Bicutan close down at a disappointingly early 9 pm, at which point I had trouble looking for an open restroom.

Today I skipped the trip to Hagonoy to sing in the mass. Since no one was going to be home, I thought of tagging along with Aileen and Mabel to SM Bicutan again for lunch and the odd bit of grocery shopping. I picked them up again with Matthew at 1:30pm for badminton at nearby Whackers World, where surprisingly there was also a television set following Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao’s rematch against Erik “El Terrible” Morales. After badminton and watching Aileen and her son Miggy train, we headed back to Mini Stop for an afternoon snack before going home.

Until I met these guys, I confess I wasn’t the type to hang out in places particularly close to my village. I was always at Makati or Alabang probably because of my mom’s influence, never in Bicutan—probably why I had only a few friends in the village. If anything, I’m thankful to them now that I got to appreciate the suburban charm of that little part of the world closest to home. Besides, Aileen, Mabel and Matthew are really nice to hang around with.

I seem to be singing a lot better now too.

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao has stopped Erik “El Terrible” Morales in the tenth round of their rematch.

While it’s a really big—almost fanatical—deal for most Pinoys I know, I’m simply happy he won. There’s much to be said about stopping someone as durable and as long-limbed as Morales is. Minutes after watching the replay of the bout, I can say Manny absolutely owned the ring.

Looks like Manny did practice a lot more than his vocal chords after all.

Auntie Carole just arrived this morning at 2:10am, and she was game enough to head on to Hagonoy around 9 hours later and to Baguio for 3 days at a supposed 6am ETD tomorrow morning.

It’s nice finally being able to play badminton again. I didn’t notice how much I missed playing, smashing and sweating it out until now. I really do hope I keep playing for a good long while.

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