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Monday, January 09, 2006

Belly blues

All this partying and excess has taken a toll on my body and it’s not funny. My belly’s grown and I’m having difficulty wearing my pants. It’s about time I worked this off.

After a couple weeks away from the machine, I plan on returning to my regular exercise habit of Dance Maniax at SM Bicutan. Nothing fancy, just four or five games in succession at Wild difficulty and 1.5x speed, just the way I usually do it. Of course, “fancy” is a relative term, and my playing style might be fancier than most, as I use my whole body to play Dance Maniax where others use purely their arms, their legs coming into play just as a third limb on a few songs.

I’m not impressed by people who play the familiar songs at 2.0x, 2.5x or even 3x speed, but use only their hands. What I’m after is the total body workout, not to show off the difficulty of keeping up.

It felt good getting back on the machine this afternoon. Unlike lifting weights, which I don’t really enjoy, I can see myself playing Dance Maniax over and over, kicking, punching, jumping, shaking my hips and waving my arms to the beat. I could say the same for badminton, but the trouble with that game is you need four to play a doubles match (and I suck at singles). Then again, Aileen did try to invite me to play with them at nearby Whackers World yesterday. Given how bored I was with the house party, I should have gone with her, at least to shake off the rust from my legs.

After the five-game workout, I dried off, changed shirts and spent my last PhP500 SM gift check. Nothing big: just a pair of relatively cheap Panasonic headphones and a 48-CD wallet, which I direly needed to rid my room of some clutter. From the looks of things, I’ll be needing another one of those.

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