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Sunday, January 08, 2006

House parties

The Sun Valley Music Ministry had its post-Christmas party last night at Jaja’s place—the first occasion I would be seeing these guys outside of church. They were a relaxed bunch of noisy and happy people, and they weren’t as square as I thought, which helped me get comfortable with them. If anything I was the quietest of the group by a long shot.

I got to talk with Aileen and she told me about her career and a potential opening at her present company. It seemed like an interesting job given what I had going for me, and I told her I would be interested. I echoed her sentiments about sales jobs: I’d rather not be there.

Received a couple free pieces of pottery from Monser’s business; the striped blue mug was nice. I had a bit too much alcohol—given my weak resistance to it, I was tipsy until the time I got home and slept. It’s surprising how dry and alcoholic Philippine mango wine is.

Overall it was really enjoyable. I’d love to hang out with these people more often. Which reminds me, I have to sing with them again a little later.

A little later than that, we’ll be having the Geronimo clan over at our house instead of at Caloocan. Yeesh. It’ll be pandemonium here I guess.

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