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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

On the cheap

My first real bit of spending for the year saw me buying a gray fine-tip enamel Gundam Marker for panel lines, a black acrylic Gundam Marker I bought by mistake, a 0.01mm black technical pen, a Creative Modem Blaster internal modem, and a pair of Bench cargo denims—on sale for only PhP400.

Now that I’ve resolved not to buy any more Gunpla for the time being, it’s pleasantly surprising to see all the stuff I can buy with my money.

It’s not everyday one gets a couple of Benjamin Franklins in an envelope as a gift. Thanks Tita Dani and Tito Bobby.

It’s not everyday one gets an Cross ballpen engraved with your name, too. Thanks Tito Kiko.

Damn, my body is sore from badminton. That didn’t stop me from hauling the computers around the house and cleaning out all their dust though.

“Gulong ng Palad” claims it is a soap opera that goes back to basics.

The way I see it, “back to basics” means seeing the same old rich-boy-falls-for-poor-girl plot rehashed to kingdom come. Ewww. And you wonder why I don’t watch local TV.

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