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Monday, January 02, 2006

the Moonville gang

9:30 am. Half an hour awake and I get a message on my phone.

Paolo was telling me he and Bong were going to school. I could come along and we could go somewhere afterwards. Cool, I said. What time do we leave?

Just like that, we were in my car puttering our way to school for their enrollment and adjustment. It had been a good while since we hung out with each other, and I was sick of rotting away at home.

It didn’t take long to get the school business done, although the school server had a tantrum and that meant we had to wait almost an hour before Paolo could get his receipt. We went to Glorietta without Bong, and by some stroke of luck Jared chanced upon us while we were eating lunch. And so, we headed on to Timezone and threw money away on the games.

We looked around, making side remarks on how ridiculously overpriced Nike is, being brushed off by sellers of expensive watches, looking for alternatives. Then we went to Goldcrest, and there waited the last MG Zeta Gundam ver.2.0 kit, selling for PhP3150. I couldn’t believe my luck; I had to reserve it now. Off I sprinted to the ATM, withdrawing the reservation amount and running back to reserve it for a month. Yay. This will be almost perfect timing as a birthday gift to myself.

We walked around and checked out musical equipment before heading home. At Paolo’s place we were all surprised to see his cousin Tad. It was a small reunion, really.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been friends, Paolo and I, and it all started with my sketches and his PlayStation. Although we don’t hang out as often as we would like, what time we do have together is quality time.

This was a great day, mainly because they were there with me.

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