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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Today I was home pretty early, due to having just one class.

After napping out in the afternoon I was surprised to hear my cellphone ringing (it's usually silent)---more so because the number on the screen wasn't a familiar one. Turns out it was a lady from Accenture Philippines telling me that I passed the pre-employment test I took at their Makati office last June 14th, and they wanted me to go there for an interview. Tomorrow morning at 9:30.

Gee, my first job interview...I couldn't go because I had class (Atty. Caoile supposedly gives a little bonus grade for perfect attendance in SALETAX). I told her maybe it would be okay if I rescheduled it for next Tuesday, when I normally have a looser sked. She was accommodating and told me she'd sort something out for me.

All in all I'm happy. Although I wasn't able to fax my other requirements until much, MUCH later (and I still haven't sent in my transcript of records because I seem to have lost my only copy), they're willing to get me for the interview at least. My only concern is that I have one more term to go---and that's on-the-job training and thesis. I wonder if they'll be willing to wait for someone who isn't free to work until January 2006.

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