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Monday, July 25, 2005

I gave painting a second try, this time with Nippon Paint's Pylox aerosol lacquers. For starters I bought two spraycans, Family White and Oxford Blue.

I started off by spray-painting the other wing from the 1/144 DINN kit (Bianca's Christmas gift to me), effectively coating a lavender plastic part white. Using spraycan tips and techniques learned from Jake of MechaPinoy (what I fondly call the "wisik-wisik" technique), I was amazed at how well the job turned out. The white coat was even, and despite my fingerprints marring one of the still-wet coats, I simply sprayed over it later, without incident and evidence of what could have been a major boo-boo.

Having had enough practice on the DINN, I decided to rebuild one of my old kits, a 1/144 HG Duel Gundam Assautshroud Angiela gave me as a present. This time I did it properly, in preparation for the painting aspect.

After ripping the model apart with a small chisel, I applied plastic cement to the parts, bonded them and sanded off the visible excess with water and 600-grit sandpaper to make sure I had zero seam lines (or at least very inconspicuous ones). That way I'd have a solid-looking kit after everything is done and it'd look a lot less plasticky. I removed the old panel lines I made with a black signpen, literally scraping them off with a used #11 X-Acto knife blade. I even shaved the antennae with an X-Acto knife to make it thinner and more pointed, more like an MG kit's antennae.

It's been a rainy week so finding an ideal day for painting outdoors was rather hard. Pylox spray lacquer has toxic fumes that need to be ventilated well away from my lungs. Once I did, I got around to starting the painting. I managed to paint the torso white and the shield Oxford blue before I had to go somewhere. It, I suppose, was a bit too bright for the dark blue armor pieces on the Duel Gundam, but it will do the job.

Before I continue, though, I think I'll need to invest in a face mask with activated charcoal filters to avoid ingesting toxic lacquer thinner fumes.

I found out I probably didn't do as well in the SALETAX midterms as I'd hoped. Sigh. Managed to bag an 83 in the first quiz though. Still, that midterm's a very heavy indication of my future: it's 25% of the final grade. Crap.

Took the Procter & Gamble pre-employment test the other Friday. It was a tricky test but wasn't that hard. The biggest enemy I had was the lack of time. I managed to finish with only 2 minutes to spare.

Even better, I managed to pass.

My transcript, resume and application forms are now at the Office of Career Services in school. By next week I'll find out what I have to do afterwards. I sure hope this is favorable.

I'm inviting everyone to go watch the DLSU Pops Orchestra in its concert "Spotlight: The Repeat" on Wednesday, 1:00-2:30 pm at the Teresa Yuchengco Theater, De La Salle University. Tickets are PhP75 apiece and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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