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Friday, July 15, 2005

That SALETAX midterm wasn't all that tough, but I bet I'm going to have some boo-boos on my answer sheet. It's those little technicalities in the Law of Sales that catch me off-guard.

Took the global test for Procter & Gamble too. In retrospect, 65 minutes was just right for the rather challenging 50-item test they cooked up, and it was a lot less draining than the Accenture pre-employment test. I'm going to find out if I have a future there on Tuesday. I hope.

I didn't have MARKEVE and BUSIPOL today so I made good use of the time by taking the test and going around the Job Expo one last time. Rachel, Tantan, Leia and I---thesismates who call ourselves "The Impressives" after a recurring comment on some of our resumes---asked around for any OJT opportunities for September, our final term, and it's good we picked up a few.

Wilson Lee Flores had a piece on his regular Sunday column about reasons why he isn't willing to migrate, despite his Canadian girlfriend's insinuations.

Most of the stuff he said was true, in hindsight, and I now understand why Uncle Butch and Auntie Carole had felt a little jealous about us. In the Philippines you can live like a virtual king even if you don't have a king's treasury (due to cheap labor). There's real opportunity in developing/underdeveloped countries like ours in terms of business. There's also a greater chance of keeping a job here.

Suffice it to say I'm not as fired up with migrating as I used to be. There's always that money problem getting in the way anyhow.

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