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Saturday, July 09, 2005

On my way home from the Pops Orchestra's video shoot today, I was speeding along on the South Luzon Expressway as usual. I had wanted to overtake slower traffic in front of me so I changed lanes in my usual throttle-blipping manner and later made use of the clear right lane at 120 km/h.

Out of nowhere I saw a silver EE101 Toyota Corolla tailing me---literally half a foot off my rear bumper. I don't know what possessed this idiot to tail me when he had full knowledge of the speed I was carrying. What if I had braked? He wouldn't have had any advance warning, especially since braking from high speed usually washes off a lot of speed in an instant because of aerodynamic drag, regardless of the pressure on the middle pedal.

Knowing that, I had no other recourse but to up my speed. I'm pretty sure this chasing car has a smaller engine than I had, and I wasn't revving the nuts off my D15B engine to achieve my speed, so I hazarded a guess based on the Corolla's movement---this guy was trying to outrun me with all his engine's spunk. Good thing a traffic jam came along at the C5 offramp and we both slowed down. Even then, this Corolla-driving idiot cut into other cars before settling into the right lane.

Why is it that Pinoy drivers tailgate those that are travelling at illegal speeds? Quite ridiculous really. I'm not trying to race anybody on the streets (I'd rather take it to the circuit), but this asshole's ego convinces him otherwise.

While I admit 150 clicks on my speedo isn't exactly legal either, I do so knowing full well I'm not tailing anybody and that I have a clear patch of asphalt ahead. A car doing 150 km/h on a wide open lane is less of a danger than a car tailgating someone else at 80.

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