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Monday, July 04, 2005

Now that I'm in my final academic term in DLSU I just have to wonder where some of our peculiar lingo and culture came from.

One of those weird terms is "p-hole." Whenever I hear or say it I cringe. It's a truncation of the word "pigeonhole," yeah, but I have to wonder why people have to say it as such. "Just leave it in my p-hole" or "It's in my p-hole" is a common instruction of profs, referring to submission of papers or whatnot, but hearing it said brings up thoughts of the scatological kind. Ewwww.

Another thing I find irksome is the "frosh"---the supposed gender-insensitive term for freshmen. Fine, fine, the intention is there. The problem with them is that really, they have the knack of gathering as one flock in the wrong places, usually in high-traffic areas where people walk in a rush. I'm so damn tempted to tell them to get out of the way instead of saying a meek "excuse me." I've even encountered a rude group of "froshies" misuse the damn elevator in the Sports Complex. Not only are they lazy enough not to use their legs in descending just one fucking flight of stairs, they had the gall to hold me up from getting out.

I gave their ringleader a cold, hard stare and as I exited the sliding doors I indignantly yelled, "Frosh na frosh!" That was the most I could do to contain whatever ire was building up in my fist.

I've become confused and divided as to this whole Gloriagate thing recently.

Personally I'm willing to let her stay on as President until 2010 simply for the sake of stability and carrying out her agenda. I am deeply opposed to replacing her with someone else because that doesn't speak well of us as a nation---we'd be a real banana republic at that rate if we kept changing presidents every couple years. However, seeing as public opinion is firmly convinced that she's guilty and has serious character flaws, now I'm at two minds. I guess it means something when the DLSU System itself is now asking for GMA's resignation. It feels like muttering anything in favor of the current administration these days is a losing proposition.

Nothing is clear-cut in politics, I guess. Sigh. It gives me a headache thinking about it.

All's well that ends well, I suppose: After the fiasco of the US Grand Prix in Indianapolis two weeks ago, where only 6 Formula 1 cars ran the race due to Michelin's tire safety problems, the French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours was a smooth-sailing event without incident from the Michelin-shod teams.

Even though the lawsuits have been issued I still think this silly fiasco will have its aftershocks felt until the end of the season. Doubtless it tainted the entire 2005 F1 season. Whether real reform and development will be made or a rival GPWC series is hatched, only time can tell.

All that matters frankly is that motor racing fans like me enjoy great races. I guess I should watch the WRC more often now...

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