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Friday, July 08, 2005

On my fifth and final year in college I have learned a timely lesson.

I've learned how to become mean.

I've learned how to assert myself on other people and become selfish. I've learned how to be an asshole to people I don't feel like helping out whom I know will simply use my knowledge for their own ends and do nothing else afterward.

Why should I care about what happens to my friends who do nothing to help themselves? I am their friend, not their slave. I'd like to make that crystal-clear.


hedwig said...

hey jm! becoming mean, eh? kinda doubt that, you being one of the nicest people i know. but i think i understand--sometimes people just have their way of forcing nice guys to be mean. but, hey, i'm your tita, right? and i'm older (won't claim to be wiser, though). but indulge and allow me to remind you of one thing: saying no isn't mean, even though some people find that disagreeable or downright offensive. sometimes we just have to cut ourselves some slack and use OUR free time to do WHATEVER we want, and that includes playing silly computer games or taking a nap or eating a pint of Haagen dazs. people's need of something does not make it in any way Your reponsibility. and you said it so accurately: you are not anyone's slave. never become one. :)

take care man, and take it easy. you kknw this but you might have forgotten: yell if you need anything. (text will do, too.) :)

Anonymous said...

I learned the same thing in college. Though maybe "becoming mean" would be too strong a term. "Becoming less of a pushover?" Perhaps. Now that I think about it, I let people walk all over me in high school. :p

Anonymous said...

BTW, that was me by the way! -Mela

Anonymous said...

My incessant use of "BTW" is bothering me. -Mela