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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hontou no Nihon-ryori ramen da!

The week I was off work, Paolo Campos and his dad took me along to Makati Cinema Square with their shopping and errands. Our afternoon stopover was a rather run-down place called "Shinjuku." What the place lacked in glamour, it more than made up for with its authentic Japanese ramen---just about the most authentic Japanese I've eaten, even besting Jipan in Glorietta 4. Both establishments are owned and managed by real Japanese guys, not some gaijin who corrupts the process, taste and ingredients to suit local palates.

Just take a look at that countertop---exactly how you'd imagine a real-life ramen stand is in Japan. I'm planning to take Denise there for our next dinner date.


Joy said...

And when would that date be? :D Valentine's Day? Get some tips from my site.

A Pinay in England
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JM said...

Nah. Definitely not Valentine's Day. It'll be a major hassle to go anywhere then. I'm thinking the week after.