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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Date with Denise: January

Continuing our promise of having a date each month, my girl best friend Denise and I went out to CPK Glorietta a while ago for dinner. All we ordered were my mom's favorites, the Tuscan Hummus and their Mango Tandoori Chicken pizza, but we walked away stuffed.

Well okay, technically we missed one month (December) already due to the hullabaloo of the holidays, but that was excusable. I'm still glad she and I see each other to relax and just be ourselves. Den was glad she discovered some new foods and new music too, as she enjoyed listening to Incognito and the Brand New Heavies' brand of acid jazz on my Jazz.

I'll just let the pictures do the talking.


Joy said...

Uuuy, I smell romance. What about Chinkai? :D

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JM said...

Romance? Naaaah. I've tried my luck with Denise too many times to know that we're better off as friends.

What about Chinkai? Err...doesn't she have Ambo? I mean, they do have photos together. Hehehe :D