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Monday, January 07, 2008

Enough is enough

I've just about had it with women. I'm sick of putting them on a pedestal, listening to them, trying to be extra nice to them...I want them to give me back the time and effort I wasted. If friendships and relationships are investments I'm damn sure I'm overdue on my return.

I'm sick of thinking about women.

Like my Tita Vik says, perhaps then they'd start coming...no pun intended.


If anyone of them wants me that fucking badly, I'll be working on my car.


Joy said...

I can tell you've been having a bad day. You know what you should do, visit Your Love Coach. You may find it useful :D

The Goddess In You
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Your Love Coach

JM said...

Thanks for the concern Joy. It's more than just a bad day I'm afraid.

Would love to chat with you over this if you have the time...and a YM account. :)