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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Lately I’ve been eyeing MP3 players. After years of being told that MP3 players aren’t supposed to be used in school, I find that at the becubicled reality of work, they’re something of a necessity.

I’ve been using my mom’s 128MB Music Stick, a gift from Tita Susan. It’s a nice little gadget, but I wish it had more memory and a rechargeable battery. I was shocked at how quickly an alkaline AAA dry cell got drained with the amount of listening I did. Also, I’ve had a long-running fetish for headphones (I never liked earphones) and I really want the most comfortable pair I can find. Those spiffy DJ-style headphones would be right up my alley, although expensive.

Jho, Gerald and I were surprised last Thursday when Robert, our manager, said we were supposed to be at PSE Tower One for Application Testing training instead of at Cybergate. No one had informed us though our newly acquired email addresses, so we got there three hours late.

Jho and I got into one group composed of fellow new-joiners Carla, Jon and Chester, and long-time member Dio. We named ourselves the “Pata-Team,” and throughout the activities of the training session we had amassed the most number of points. Some of them were working at UBP and at Cybergate too. I would love to meet these guys again.

Our seasoned programmer instructors Fiel and Mario were entertaining despite a potentially heavy topic. It was nice listening to their stories, both successes and failures, and from them I got to understand a little about how the IT world works. Thanks to them and their seminar I finally understood my work and had an idea of how it really is to be a tester.

Weekends so far have been opportunites for me to grab some shut-eye. Instead of getting up to watch Detective Conan, I slept very early on Saturday night. Instead of playing badminton this afternoon I slept right through the expected 1:45pm departure time. Sheesh. It’s got to be the heat.

I just hope I don’t sleep right through next weekend’s company outing. That’d be a big waste.

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