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Sunday, February 19, 2006

New and old

After Nanay’s 80th birthday lunch at The Good Earth Tea Room, we went to Moonwalk to claim Bianca’s new pug puppy.

We arrived at Rowie’s house and spotted Cooper out of the litter of puppy pugs. All of them were feeling lethargic due to the effects of their recent vaccine, and Cooper was especially groggy. He was pretty small at two months old—no bigger than a desk telephone—and he ain’t no eternal beauty next to our 7-year-old dog Tango, but that didn’t stop Bianca from fawning over our new housemate.

I’ll see how Cooper grows up. He’s cute in his own way.

I find myself returning to HCP nowadays. I guess for all the misgivings the forum currently has, it still feels nostalgic enough to return to and I’ve carved out my own little niche in the now-huge community.

I’ve returned to Villamor AFB too after more than a year away from its badminton courts. The rough rubber-painted cement courts now have welcome Taraflex matting on top of them, but most of the games I played had me partner with virtual turtles—the kind who don’t run after the shuttle. Now my legs hurt from playing a losing game of fetch.

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