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Friday, April 01, 2005

Summer is definitely here...and it's not very welcome. It's turned scaldingly hot all of a sudden. Driving with my windows cracked open and my aircon off, in the interest of saving fuel, just isn't a good idea anymore.

This excruciating heat coupled with some ill-adjusted home aircon turned up to freezing left me with the massive head cold and flu I have now. It's perfectly bad timing too because this is finals week and I'm sick.

There's so much stuff left to do...all I want to do is get this term over with and recuperate.

I'm pretty low on cash too. People owe me a lot of money and they haven't been paying on time. Sigh.

Gotta get around to buying my long-planned present for my dad's birthday...

An old crush of mine, whom I parted with in not-so-pleasant fashion, apparently returned to our old roost recently---which I no longer frequent. Apparently she's getting married soon and has her own kid. I'm told she's mellowed down as well.

Mellowed down, my ass. She probably still has that hatchet with my name on it.

Let's see how it feels having your own glamor working against you, bitch.

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