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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Finally the big day has come.

Our flight's leaving at around 9 pm tonight. And here I was thinking that it'd be tomorrow, all this time. Perhaps I'm a wee bit underwhelmed at the prospect of actually going to North America's West Coast for vacation.

This probably means I'll be off my blog for a month. I'm not sure when I can be able to go online as the itinerary seems to call for a different destination every week. I'll try, but I won't count on it. I have no idea what the density of Internet cafes is in Vancouver, South Pasadena or San Francisco.

Honestly I have my little fears of flying, mostly brought about due to the documentaries I've watched on NGC or Discovery about how things on a plane can go wrong. When I board the plane later, I guess it's all up to the Man Above for 16-odd hours.

I also have not-so-unfounded fears of gaining weight when I'm there. Goodness, Americans have the most fattening foods---a fact I realized when I came back from a similar trip 8 years ago. Right now I'm just a bit overweight for my frame; I'm at 168 lbs. That's going to be a point of reference for me later. I do hope I get to maintain it.

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