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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Met and interviewed Marge tonight for our MARKPRO final project: a product marketing plan. She happened to be another of Denise's many friends and I found her really nice, warm and hospitable. Even invited me to a little game of badminton one Saturday with friends.

People averse to tape recorders while having interviews. This was new.

I found it rather odd, at the very least. Personally I felt it was great for getting the interviewee at ease, without having to contend with a writer scribbling away and not devoting his/her full attention to the subject at hand.

Apparently some people just aren't comfortable with hearing their voices on tape and how differently they sound...but hey, I was like that too. Took me a while to get used to listening to my voice through the air instead of rattling through my bones.

Whatever suits the interviewee, I say...

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MarkPoa said...

Hello! I figured you might be interested in this, but since you don't frequent OB much lately, you might have missed my post:

Gundam World 2005 : Looks like a Gundam exhibit with 1:1 scale models. :D