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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Despite the finals not going too well, I'm just glad the term is over. I'm not gunning for Dean's List status any more; I'll be perfectly happy if I can pass my subjects. Besides I already have two 3.0s from MARKNAL and MARKPRO that will surely pull up my term GPA to a decent level.

With summer comes another traditional problem: boredom. And it's at its worst level this year. My PlayStation's CD-ROM lens seems busted so I'm able to play just two games, and that gets boring pretty quickly. I'm also short of cash and I'm no longer willing to spend what remains in my savings. People haven't been paying me their dues on time, and whatever payment does come in, I have to reserve to pay for my outstanding debts at AVON. With gas prices at an all-time high I'm also discouraged to drive anywhere, and my car's aircon system needs work.

Oh well. April 22 can't come soon enough.

What's happening on the 22nd? I'll be in the US and Canada for a month. I've had to put off joining a Pops Orchestra summer outing in Bataan on the 16th for that one. That means meeting up with my cousins Czasha and JB again. Cool. Am particularly interested in how JB's grown up. The last time I saw him around 3 years ago, he was a pre-teen...and at this point in time pre-teens grow quite quickly.

A part of our trip entails going to Seattle and Vancouver too---a couple of places I've never been to. We're probably taking a bus going there. Shucks, I was hoping it would be a real road trip. Oh well.

After course card distribution on Friday, Mela planned a little get-together for all of us ex-Honor Section people back in high school.

While I said I'd come, I'm not sure how this kind of thing would turn out. I'll be lying if I said I missed all of them, because quite frankly I'm one of those people who enjoyed college more than high school---simply because I made better friends in DLSU than I did in DLSZ. There's also the matter of meeting a few old flames once again, some that probably have to be reduced to ashes at this point in my life.

Well, we'll see.

Suddenly every site I see on the Web is offering some sort of blog facility. Yahoo 360, Friendster, LiveJournal...what's the deal with all of these copycats?

I dunno. Despite being the simple no-frills site that it is, I'm still hooked on the original Blogger.

Decided to return to OB after a long hiatus. After all the fights and rumors and petty squabbles and power-grabbing moves I still have feelings for the friends I'd made there.

As for those old enemies of mine who are still there...let's just say I'm haunting them. I'm just glad OB returned to its quaint old hangout, 80% devoid of Ragnarok Online mania.

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