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Friday, April 22, 2005

I'm posting from my cousin's house in South Pasadena, CA where we'll be fighting off the effects of jet lag before we act out on our planned itinerary...or at least what we can follow of it.

The flight was pretty smooth, I'd say. It was a boring 12 hours as most people were asleep, but I'm pretty sure most of us airline passengers would take calm and boring over uncomfortably exciting any day. The US customs and immigration officers that took care of us were some of the nicest people, although I did notice that they in general tend to be overweight. Hmmm. Probably one of thr fringe benefits of confiscating undeclared food items?

Jet lag's still working on me though. The other night I was asleep for all of 3 hours, and I was up at a ridiculous 4 am waiting for the sunrise. I got a similar situation now: it's 1:42 am and I'm awake after having been asleep on and off for 6 hours. Looks like I'll be stupidly waiting for another sunrise at this rate. Apparently I have the knack for awakening when everyone else is going to bed.

It's just great seeing Czasha and JB again. We were out on lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in Old Town and I saw a more mature Czasha while we were talking about stuff in general. She's really gotten the elder sister act down pat, I'd say. JB meanwhile is the same gamer guy he's been, although he's also grown over the past few years---probably more so than I'd like, but hey, that's his life. His front teeth had been punched in by some juvenile delinquent who was jealous about him seeing a former girlfriend...talk about violent huh?

That's it for now, I guess. I'll be posting as much as I can.

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Mela said...

Hey! Have a great trip! :) (It sounds kinda late seeing as you're already there... but you know what I mean. haha.)