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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The major concert may be over and done (quite successfully I might say), but there are still so many things that need my attention within the next two weeks. Most of them are academic.

Quite frankly I've lost interest in finishing anything, at least for today. Lately it's seemed I've run out of steam and vigor for studying. I guess the culture of apathy and general laziness of my Marketing major classes has gotten to me.

To make a long story short, I generally don't feel all that great nowadays. I'm always pissed off, burnt out and fretting about so many things, and it gets to the point where I become confused as to what I should do. I need a break.

You are a star, beautiful and bright
Shining magically on the jet black stage
You fill people's hearts with a myriad emotions
Glee, sadness, laughter and love
I have watched you all these years
How I longed to grasp your light
Be part of it and share it to a new age
Years have gone, and I am no longer fit
Now I am a part of you, yet I am also not
I toil and persevere to give you your chance
Yet I still just admire you from afar
Wondering how much have things changed
I still lie in the dark, watching
Bittersweet dreams never realized

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