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Sunday, March 20, 2005

After all our endless fretting over a successful major concert last Saturday night, it was time for Pops to finally let loose and relax over the spoils of the schoolyear. That would officially happen on the summer outing sometime in April, but Pops being Pops it was never too early to get started---which we did last Friday at Karen's 19th birthday party.

Thanks to that event, I got acquainted with two more Gundam fans in Pops, sampled some of the best tofu and mushrooms I've ever tasted, sang my heart out on old-school videoke with Pops alumni Oliver and Eric, and generally had a great time which unfortunately had to end too soon.

Lala informed me that the outing was tentatively scheduled around April 16-19 at Lake Caliraya. I hope the date doesn't change so I can catch up before leaving for Los Angeles on the 22nd. Can't wait.

At least I have a lot to look forward to this summer, after all the hassle of this term ends.

Oddly, I didn't enjoy the HCP EB the next day all that much. I felt I would have rather just completed buying the things I need to make my dad's birthday present. Before going to Karen's I dropped by Special Toy Center in Festival Mall to buy an Academy pin vise...which was surprisingly expensive. It's a solid little thing made of steel, so it's probably a long term investment for serious modellers, although I couldn't fit the 1.0mm drill bit into the 1.0-1.5mm socket for some reason.

That evening I saw "Chicken Rice War," a Singaporean movie made in 2000. Having had some 'exposure' to Singaporean culture from former Autocar ASEAN hacks David Ting, Simon Hulber, Kwee Hon Jin and co. (where on earth are these guys now?!), I was delighted to see Singlish and 'talking cock' in action on the small screen. The movie's a simple one, obviously patterned on Romeo and Juliet, but it's endearing and cute enough to keep one entertained and laughing.

It's seriously cool, in its quirky kind of way.

My car needs TLC and fast. I feel guilty for leaving it to 'rot' with worn tie-rod and rack ends, a faulty air-conditioner compressor and all these dents and scratches on the Sapphire Blue bodywork. I'm itching to get a cheap, decent amplifier and front separates too for the audio system. Then again I'm not privy to enough personal money to get these kinks repaired, and people know how I frown on asking money from my parents or anyone else. It doesn't help that my sales haven't been doing too good either.

What's a cash-strapped college dude to do? I guess I'll have to wait till I get employed.

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