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Friday, March 11, 2005

This song is what my mind's been made of lately.

Wala na akong makita sa iyong mga mata
Dati rati'y isang tingin mo lang alam ko na
Bakit ngayon ika'y nababalot sa kulay ng hatinggabi
Nagtatanong, nangangarap na ika'y magisnang muli
Kung may bagyo o kung tag-araw
Sa iyong damdamin

Sana ay makilala kang muli, tulad ng dati
Halika at lumapit kang muli, tulad ng dati

Wala na akong maramdaman sa iyong mga kamay
Dati rati'y isang hawak ko lang, alam ko na
Alam ko na
Kung may bagyo o kung tag-araw sa iyong damdamin

Sana ay makilala kang muli, tulad ng dati
Halika at lumapit kang muli, tulad ng dati...

--- The Dawn, "Tulad ng Dati"

I wonder if they have a new album out? Been ages since I bought any new music CDs.

I'd like to invite all of you guys to watch the DLSU Pops Orchestra's major concert, "Spotlight on the Red Carpet" featuring award-winning songs from major genres. It'll be at the AFP Theater, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, tomorrow night at 7pm. Tickets are priced at PhP180.

I promise you will not be disappointed. :D

All our efforts in this final week seem to have amounted to nothing. Despite that Rachel was still her energetic, take-charge self...until our final committee meeting last Wednesday.

This was the first time I remember seeing her breaking down in tears, apparently something she seldom did. I felt that young as she was (she's almost three years younger than I am), Rachel had one of the most admirably strong personalities I've ever seen. She isn't one to buckle under pressure until it was totally, utterly hopeless. The dreadful thing is, all of us---myself included---contributed to that hopelessness. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't secure anything.

Seeing her cry made all my fluttering misery feel infinitesimally small, yet the same message just pervaded my soul. I let her down.

She did not cry for long however. Within 5 minutes she was back, prodding us to think up ways of earning any extra money at the risk of turning the event into a fairground.

Rachel Quinto, simply because of your impeccable strength of character, you are my role model. I pray I can get anywhere near as patient and as tough as you are.

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