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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

It's just the second or third week of class and I already see things I don't like.

There's this girl who seems to be my classmate for two or three subjects. I was introduced to her via Johnas, Bianca's friend from high school. At first the two of them wanted help on MARKCU1, which I offered willingly.

However it's gotten pretty annoying. I can sense this girl does not do any thinking of her own. She doesn't read the assigned chapters, she doesn't do her homework...I'm pretty much amazed at how she managed to enter DLSU at all, waht more last through 2 years. I found out it was mostly through cheating.

Truth be told this girl doesn't have a brain of her own, so she makes "friends" out of her new classmates and wants them to do the thinking for her. She's got a bevy of "friends" from QUATECH and MARKCU1 to help her out and heaven knows if she has more "braintrust" doing her shit for her. Personally I find it offensive and disgusting. She should at least put in some effort into her studies, like my STAT102 classmates did, but she doesn't. What an airhead.

I ain't helping you out of the pit you're digging for yourself.

GENDERS (Gender Studies) has been an eye-opener so far. It's been interesting and it's forced me to rethink and reconsider how I look at other people, especially those of the LGBT variety (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender).

I admit to being quite the heterosexist and homophobe. I guess it wouldn't hurt if I tried being more tolerant of LGBTs though. I got three months to get started.

I have to admit the local bading language is a work of art, though. Not to mention it's actually a little funny to listen to, with the most unlikely terms used to mean something else.

On my ridiculously long break today, I managed to bump into my old Vietnamese MARKET1 classmate, Thai, in the library. I'd seen him studying in the carrels a couple times before, and I decided to say hi and exchange a few words.

He was beginning his major subjects for his Management of Financial Institutions degree, so he was pretty much in the library all day despite his classes beginning at 4:50pm. Seems like Thai likes the library a lot; he says he gets to study there a lot better. On a typical day he's there from the early morning coming from his condominium at nearby Kassel.

I told him our common MARKET1 classmate Wujin (he's Chinese) was my classmate in QUATECH this term as well, and the two of us were pretty much doing well under our professor. Turns out Thai also had Mrs. Umali for QUATECH last term too and he had nothing but praise for her.

Mentioning that a book I was looking for was upstairs, I said goodbye to him and wished him well on his quiz.

'Tis nice how Thai's very appreciative of the DLSU library. It kinda inspired me. I brought home a couple of F. Sionil Jose books for personal consumption.

On the way home drivers seemed to be a little crazier tonight than they were on any other night. I can't say I wasn't part of the culprit but I certainly wasn't an accident waiting to happen.

Most notable was an experience I had on the Expressway after overtaking slower traffic. I let my speed climb to 105 km/h to pull away a little. I was surprised to see two round headlights tailing me at a distance way closer than is safe.

I tried adding a bit more speed, to give me and my pursuer the acceptable 2-second gap, but the driver just matched my speed and kept that unreasonably close gap. At this point the C-5 offramp and merge point was upon me and I decided to set up for my exit. I braked and signaled a lane change to the right as the pursuer streaked past.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that my pursuer was an OWNER TYPE JEEP! Now I know owner jeeps can be quick because they're lightweight (one of them humiliated drag Civics with a 12-second quarter mile a year back), but this maniac was doing 120 when busier traffic was looming---and there didn't seem to be any effort in major braking (or maybe that was because his brake lights were indistinguishable under braking?). The driver just kept swerving, not mindful of the consequences of crashing the relatively flimsily built car.

Even more concerning...I got to tail the silver jeep a little later and I saw that there was a full load of passengers inside.

Some people just keep looking for ways to die earlier...

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