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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Night of the bloggers

The meet-up with Joy went ahead tonight at Brooklyn Pizza in Alabang Town Center, along with her husband Tom, her friend Chingkai and her other WordPress-blogging friends Mervin, Laverne, Agnes and Malen.

Not even the decidedly subpar food and the insufficiency of the air-conditioning dampened the generally bubbly atmosphere of the meet. It was great making new acquaintances and friends. Tom and Laverne in particular were quite helpful with advice about the basics of professional blogging. Chingkai shared her colorful stories of being a writer in a country that doesn't appreciate them one bit. Mervin lamented the pitfalls of Smart broadband, while Agnes and Malen missed the Alabang exit on their way to the meet. As for Joy, she had a lot of fascinating stories to tell also.

I gave Joy my old "blue pill" USB flash drive, loaded with song rips of Sugar Free's first and third albums. She was looking for Filipino songs and those are pretty hard to find in Norwich.

I had fun, guys. Thanks.


Ambo said...

Twas a wonderful time meeting you too bro. I had a great time. Nosebleed pala ako dito sa blog mo lols. Btw, para kang si palos sa bilis ng post na to. Akala ko inaantok ka na e addict ka din pala sa blog haha. Eto blogs ko, pinoyambisyoso.com fotograpia.blogspot.com pinoytek.net

btw, link mo name ko jan ha hehe. Ambo na lang at wag Laverne hehe.

JM said...

Consider it done :)

pusa said...

hi JM aka trillanes! LOL
twas nice meeting you, hanep updated agad ;p

JM said...

Nice meeting you too Agnes!

Anonymous said...

hello JM!!

ay naku mano-nosebleed ako sa english dito. hahaha

engrish lang ang keri ko. lol. uyy nice meeting you din! see yah around! will link you ha!

~ mynosebleed.com