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Friday, February 04, 2005

Traffic was simply atrocious today.

It was as if the fates had conspired in secret just to make all the roads and highways tangled, clogged and messed up on this one day. This conclusion I had arrived at because I could figure no other reason as to why exactly the traffic was THAT bad. It's no payday and Fridays aren't usually all this crowded. It's just insane.

I'm just glad I'm home. My legs hurt from prodding the clutch all the time. My bladder hurts from holding all that urine in the driver's seat for nearly two hours. And I bet my engine's hurting from burning all that wasted gas in traffic. Shucks.

Times like these...I wish I owned a decent 400cc motorcycle. That black Honda CB400 Version S I see parked at the STRC seems like a damn fine bike...wonder how much it costs?

That was the LEAP alternative class I took a couple weeks ago. While we didn't really learn how to ride a bike (c'mon, how could you do that inside a classroom in Gokongwei Hall?), I got to learn important things about dealing with and tolerating bike riders who share the same roads as I do in my City. Instructors Patrick and Jake were really accommodating. I really feel like taking a class one of these days...of course, money's my perennial concern.

Interestingly there are more motorbikes than cars in the whole of the Philippines now. It's about time they had more of a say in setting public policy regarding traffic.

Just after the first three days in February I've sold PhP3,900 worth of AVON stuff. I think I'm getting better at this selling thing.

I just hope my clients have the mind to pay me on time because I'm not comfortable with leaving a PhP7,000 tab at the Remedios office.

The Job Expo has yet again come...and gone.

The prospect of getting employed, even just as a part-time employee or on OJT, kind of appeals to me already. It's just too bad that it looks like I'll be somewhere else during the summer break and I have two more terms to go before I'm free. All I'm left with is an incomplete (and now useless) transcript of records and a flawed resume.

What a shame. I already got application forms from Toyota Motor Phils. Corp. and Rustan Coffee Corp. (aka the local Starbucks franchise), but I didn't get to send them in. I did manage to get a hold of Toyota's PR supervisor's fax number though. Thought I could send a sponsorship proposal their way.

Crap, I'm getting old. I'll be 22 next week.

I'm not entirely sure if it's cause for celebration.

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